How to Check Your Eligibility for PR Visa?

If immigration to Canada is what you’re aiming for, there are bound to be tons of questions on your mind. Usually, the very first one to emerge is “Am I even eligible to apply for Canadian PR?” How to check your eligibility for PR visa and take the next step forward?

There are several ways to get into Canada for settlement; however, the easiest is the Express Entry system. As the name itself suggests, this method assures quick entry into the Canadian land through the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program.

The program applies only to foreign workers who possess the necessary skills as required by the Canadian provinces from time to time to fill their vacant positions. Once approved for the program, you’re only one step away from receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR from the IRCC. You need to score enough points to rank high on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

What is CRS?

This ranking system is what determines your eligibility for Canadian immigration. The Express Entry system picks applicants from a pool of similar candidates who apply for immigration through Express Entry. These names are picked from draws and the lucky applicants receive an ITA for PR. To boost your chances at getting your name included in the pool, Express Entry Points Calculator can help.

It’s a detailed point structure that computes your total score on the CRS based on the facts that you submit on your Express Entry profile created for applying via Express Entry. On the basis of the points scored, the calculator can help ascertain your chances of receiving the ITA for immigration.

You must score at least 67 points out of a total of 100 under the CRS. All the applicants in the Express Entry pool are ranked one over the other based on their score. There are certain defined parameters to determine these ranks:

  • Language ability – English and French are the two official languages of Canada and a candidate must be able to prove proficiency in one or both of these. A total of 28 points are assigned in the CRS for the candidate’s language skills. Here again, proficiency will be assessed in 4 domains – listening, speaking, reading and writing. The candidate will need to take a language test from an approved agency of the IRCC.
  • Educational qualification – This category has a total of 25 points which you can score if you submit the relevant degree, diploma or certificate earned from a secondary or post-secondary educational institute in Canada. In case of education completed outside of Canada, an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is mandatory from a designated organisation to assess that the qualification is Canadian equivalent.
  • Work experience – Based on your total years of work experience, you stand to gain 15 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System. The work must either be full or equivalent part-time paid. Besides, the candidate must have worked in an occupation of classifications Skill Level A or B, or Skill Type 0 of the NOC.
  • Age factor – The candidate’s exact age at the time of application submission can award a maximum of up to 12 points on CRS.
  • Job offer – If you hold a valid job offer from an employer in Canada, you stand to score points for it (maximum of 10).
  • Spouse – A spouse or common law partner immigrating with you to Canada can earn you both a maximum of 10 points together under the adaptability category.

In essence, ranking high on the CRS paves the way for easy and assured entry into Canada.

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