How much does a student visa cost?

Planning to study abroad in countries like Canada and the USA? Then you must be keen to know not only the student visa process but also the student visa cost. The cost will depend on the country where you plan to pursue your studies. Here we will give you brief details about Canada and the USA student visas.

The basic formalities have to be completed properly:

Before you check the cost of the student visa it is important to know the procedure for the visa. 

  • In the case of a Canadian student visa, you have to first apply to a designated learning institute. Once you get the letter of acceptance from the institute then you have to apply. Along with the application you have to submit various documents. These include valid passports, photographs as per the required format, English language test results, letter of acceptance from the Designated learning institute, medical certificate, police verification certificate, etc.
  • In the case of a USA student visa, you will have to check the visa category for which you qualify. First of all, the student will have to apply to a University in the US. This University must have approval from the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). Once the student is accepted by the institute then the institute’s International student office will issue Form I-20. All the documents that are requested by the visa authorities will have to be submitted by the applicant.

Now let us look at the student visa cost:

  • First, let us see the Canadian student visa cost. For the Canadian study permit, you will have to spend around CA$150. The cost for applying to the Universities in Canada will depend on your country of origin and the University to which you are applying.
  • Next, let us see the cost of the USA student visa. The SEVIS fees will be in the range of $350. The visa application fee will be in the range of $160.

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