How much do immigration consultants charge in India?

When it comes to migrating to a foreign country the first thing that you need to do is find a good immigration consultant in India. It is not that you cannot apply on your own. But that is not going to be an easy task. You are bound to get confused with all the formalities. Therefore, it is better to search for Immigration Consultants in Nehru Place in India who will assist you with the entire application process.

Here is what an immigration consultant will do!

  • A good immigration consultant will find out all the details like the objective of migration, the country where the aspirant wants to migrate etc.
  • Once these things are the expert will tell the candidate which visa category he needs to select. In the case of countries like Canada, there are a large number of visa categories. The candidate has to make sure that he selects the correct visa category.
  • Once the visa category is selected then next the immigration expert will tell about the process that needs to be completed.
  • The best immigration consultants will make sure that they assist with all the online and offline activities.

The charges that you will have to pay for the immigration consultation:

  • One thing that will come to your mind is the charges that the immigration consultant will charge you. It must be noted that different immigration consultants will have different charges. But first, we need to know about the different charges that the candidate will have to pay.
  • For example, there will charge for the IELTS exams.
  • Then there will be charges for the educational credential assessment. There will be other charges like medical fee and police verification certificate. There will also be charges like the PR fee etc.
  • The fees of the immigration consultant will vary from consultant to consultant. The charges will depend on the services that the consultant is offering. The best consultants may charge a little bit more. But the services and support that the best Immigration Consultants in India offer is simply unbeatable.

Choose only the best immigration consultant:

What we would like to say here is that you should not just focus on the charges of the immigration consultant. You must also see the type of services that the consultant is offering. Ideally, go for a consultant who will have competitive charges but at the same time, he will offer very good services and support.

IRA immigration-One of the best immigration consultants in Delhi

IRA immigration in Delhi has been offering the best immigration and visa services from past many years. They have one of the best team of consultants that offer the best support to the clients. The visa and immigration consultants of IRA immigration are well-trained and have profound knowledge. IRA immigration has their corporate office in Janakpuri and they have their branch office in Nehru Place. They provide all types of visa and immigration services at both offices. They are known to offer the best services and they have reasonable charges for their services.

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