How COVID-19 is affecting Canadian Immigration

Canada is the city of dreams for many. With the pandemic looming over everyone’s heads, countries have sealed their borders temporarily to avoid any new cases of the infection. Canada immigration has become a tad bit difficult too. Travel restrictions have been imposed all over the country. These restrictions tend to affect communities like the immigrants, refugees, people looking for citizenship and the passport applicants. The latest updates on Canadian immigration are available as follows:

  • Processing time of the application: the processing time roughly depends upon the number of applications that the government of Canada has received for the Canada immigration process. Your processing time starts on the day your application is received and ends when a decision is made but it very important that your application is complete. This has increased since the pandemic.
  • Application accuracy and completion: When you have answered all of the questions on the application form and have managed to submit it further, your applications tends to be completed. At times if you forget to attach a few documents, the application will be rejected and sent back. Don’t worry, just go for an immigration consultancy and leave it to them!
  • For the workers and the students: temporary foreign workers are exempted from travel restrictions and can travel to Canada by air or land even now. If you are a student (international) and you have a study permit which was given before March 18, 2020, you are exempt from the travel restrictions.

If a foreign worker or even an international student is traveling by air, they need to pass a health check-up that will be conducted by the airlines before the personboards the flight. Once you arrive in Canada, you will go through another health check-up.

  • Approved immigration applications: if your application was luckily approved before march 18, 2020, you are exempt from the travel restrictions. In person PR appointments have been suspended and the landing appointments are done by telephone or have been rescheduled to a later date.
  • Applications under processing: No application in process will be cancelled or rejected if the documents are missing because these are the times of difficulty. You will be given a time frame of ninety days to complete all the steps including the biometrics.
  • Permanent residents: If you’re a landed permanent resident and have no symptoms of COVID-19, you’re allowed to travel to Canada. If you have the symptoms of the infection, you won’t be allowed to enter Canada by air but you can come by land border. For the travel restrictions part, in case your permanent residence application is approved before March 18, 2020, but you haven’t landed yet, you’re also exempt from the travel restrictions and allowed to come to Canada.

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