How are CRS points calculated in Canada?

IRCC or the Immigration refugees and citizenship Canada assess the candidates who apply for the Federal Skilled worker programmes with the help of CRS. The comprehensive ranking system points calculator or Canada CRS Points Calculator is used in the determination of the number of points that the candidate has scored and whether he is eligible to apply for the permanent residency visa for Canada.

Factors that affect the Canada CRS Points Calculator:

The points are allocated based on 4 important factors. These are as follows:

  • First is the Core Human Capital factor. This includes the age of the candidate, educational qualification of the candidate, official language proficiency and Canadian work experience.
  • Second is the spouse or the common-law partner factor. Here the age, education, language skills etc of the common-law partner or the spouse of the candidate is considered.
  • The third is the Skills transferability factor. In this case, the combinations that are considered are post-secondary degree and official language proficiency factor, post-secondary degree and Canadian work experience, language proficiency and foreign work experience and Canadian work experience and foreign work experience.
  • Fourth is the additional points factor. The candidate can score more points if he gets the provincial nomination, post-secondary education in Canada, French language skills and arranged employment.

Here is what the candidate has to do!

  • First of all, the candidate who wants to apply for the express entry system needs to create the express entry profile.
  • Here the candidate needs to give all the details. The points will be allocated to the profile based on different factors.
  • Based on the number of points scored by the candidate the profile of the candidate will be ranked. More the points better will be the ranking of the profile. Higher the ranking better will be the chances of selection of the candidate.
  • The candidates are selected from the express entry draw that is held at regular intervals. The candidates who are selected from the express entry draw will be sent an invitation to apply for the Canada permanent resident visa. The candidates then have to submit their application along with all the relevant documents within the stipulated time.

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