Get the precise details about Canada Express Entry Application Process from PR Visa experts

Skilled workers who want to move to Canada need to know the exact Canada Express Entry Application Process. Express entry is the fastest way for the skilled worker to move to Canada. But ensure that you complete the formalities correctly.

Take a look at some of the important steps of the Canada express entry process:

  • Three economic immigration programmes are based on the express entry system. These are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class.
  • The candidate will first have to create the express entry profile online.
  • The profile of the candidate will be given points based on different aspects. These include the age of the candidate, his qualifications, work experience, English/French language proficiency test results, etc.
  • The profile of the candidate will be ranked based on the total number of points that the candidate scores. The aim of the candidate will be to score more points so that his profile will have a higher ranking. 
  • The candidate can score more points by focussing on aspects like qualification, language proficiency test scores, etc.
  • The profiles with a higher ranking will have better chances of getting selected in the express entry draw. This draw is held at regular intervals by the IRCC.
  • The candidates who are selected in the draw will receive an Invitation To Apply for the permanent resident visa.
  • Once the candidate receives the ITA he has to submit the permanent resident visa application and the supporting documents within the stipulated time.
  • The candidate has to make sure that he submits all the documents and provides correct information. In case any information is found to be false then his application will get rejected. Incomplete applications can result in a delay in processing. Also if the documentation process is not completed then there can be a delay in the processing of the application. If the candidate fails to submit any document then too his application can get rejected.

It is better to consult the best visa expert for express entry:

The Canada Express Entry Application Process is a long and complicated one. Therefore it is better to connect with one of the best visa and immigration experts who has complete knowledge about the Canadian visa process. The expert will check the profile of the client and will tell the candidate if he is eligible for the express entry programme. If the candidate is eligible then the experts will explain the process and will also provide the required guidance to complete the process. 

In case the candidate is not eligible then the expert will give his honest opinion. He will also tell the candidate how he can improve his chances of becoming eligible for the express entry programme. The PR Visa Experts will also tell the candidate about other PR visa options.

IRA immigration will help you in the best possible way: IRA immigration is one of the best immigration company located in Delhi. They can give complete information about the Canada Express Entry Application Process and will assist the candidate in the best possible way.

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