FSW programme-Fastest way for skilled workers to migrate to Canada

Skilled workers have a lot of career scope in Canada. Even Canada wants more skilled workers to come to Canada and contribute to the economic development of the country. The fastest way for skilled workers to migrate to Canada is by the Federal Skilled Worker Programme that is the FSW programme.

Procedure to apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Programme:

  • The candidate has to first create the express entry profile. Points are allotted to this profile based on different aspects like the age of the candidate, qualification, language skills etc.
  • The candidate has to focus on scoring more points. This he can do by improving his language test score or by improving his qualification etc.
  • The profile of the candidate is ranked based on the number of points. More the points higher will be the ranking.
  • Candidates with higher ranking have better chances of getting selected in the express entry draw which is held at regular intervals.
  • The selected candidates will receive an invitation to apply for the PR visa. The candidate has to then submit his application along with all the documents within the turnaround time.
  • The express entry system is linked to the Provincial Nominee Programme. The Express entry candidate can apply for the provincial nomination of a particular province. If the candidate gets the provincial nomination then he will get an additional 600 points. This will almost ascertain the selection of the candidate.
  • The candidate can also get additional points if he has a sibling who is a citizen or PR of Canada or if the candidate has proficiency in both English and French

Many documents have to be submitted for the FSW programme:

The candidate will have to submit many documents while applying for this programme. He will have to submit his language proficiency test scores. He will also have to submit his education certificates. If the applicant has completed his education from a non-Canadian university then he will also have to submit the Education Credential Assessment report. The candidate will also have to submit a medical certificate to show that he is in the best of health. He will also have to submit a police verification certificate to show that he has a good character. The applicant will have to submit any other document that is requested by the Canadian authorities.

For complete information about the Federal Skilled Worker Programme get in touch with immigration experts:

Many formalities have to be completed in the case of Canadian immigration. A candidate can get confused and he can make mistakes. If there are mistakes then there are chances that the application of the candidate will get rejected.

If you do not want any hassles then it is best to hire the services of the best visa and immigration expert who has proven expertise in this field. Just make sure that you only choose one of the best visa and immigration expert. This expert will check the profile of the candidate and then he will provide all the assistance that the candidate needs. If you are keen to apply for the FSW programme then first check all the factors associated with the same. It is best that you consult a leading visa and immigration expert and only then apply for the programme.

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