Eligibility for Express Entry Programs

Express entry program has been a life saviour for all the immigrants who want to move to the cold country of Canada. People who are skilled and have the required qualifications can directly move to Canada. They can settle there without any fear. But you must know about the eligibility for express entry programs so that you can apply for them as soon as possible and get the immigration you’ve been wanting.

The Canadian government chooses the skilled workers that are based on their skills and ability to contribute to the Canadian economy. There are majorly three economic immigration programs that are available. The first one is the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, the second one is the Federal Skilled Trades program and the last one is the Canadian Experience Class.

There is also another program which is called the Provincial Nominee Program which is actually started so that the local labour market needs are fulfilled. You need to apply for one of these programs in order to understand the entire immigration process.


1. The first condition for any immigration program is to find if you’re eligible for it or not. Once you get to know that you are eligible and you meet the minimum requirements that are required for the express entry program, you need your documents.

2. The second step is trying to get all the documents in order such as your language test results and other important information. The documents play a very important role in the entire program because it is a very transparent process and everything happens electronically.

3. After this you have to submit your profile. If you are eligible, the government will accept you into the pool of candidates and you will be ranked amongst other candidates. There is a point-based system.

4. After you have been ranked, your profile will stand a chance to either be accepted or rejected. The entire score is based based on the information that you gave. This is the reason why you should always submit your documents properly.

5. You will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency if your profile gets selected. All applications are processed in six months or less than that. If you are given an invitation to apply, you will get 90 days to submit all your documents and applications for permanent residency.


Keep your documents handy. The documents you would need are your language test results, or your educational certificates, and a valid passport so that you can travel to Canada. After your documents are ready, remember to scan them properly and send them across. If there are any issues in this, your application can get rejected and this will be a huge loss for you. This is the reason why you should always prioritise your documents.


This is a very competitive immigration system where all the eligible candidates are ranked and the best ones are given the offer to apply. People are judged on the basis of their age, language proficiency, work experience, and also their educational qualifications. Now that you know all about how you can immigrate to Canada and how the express entry system works, you can definitely understand whether you are eligible for this system or not. Even if you’re not eligible for the system, look out for other ways because the provincial nominee system is slightly easier than the express entry program. Make sure that all documents are in check and you are ready to move out. 

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