COVID-19 Changes to Canadian Immigration Procedures

The Coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on almost all the sectors and industries. Immigration to countries like Canada has also got affected. Due to the current pandemic the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has made certain changes to the Canadian Immigration Procedures.

Details about the changes made to the Canada immigration procedure:

  • Because of the pandemic, the IRCC has decided that there will be no rejections for non-compliance
  • The applications that are being processed at the different offices and processing centres will be processed. But there will be delays in the processing
  • Some of the application centres will remain closed temporarily while some will operate with minimum staff.
  • Applicants have been given an extension of 90 days to submit the different documents that are needed to process the visa. There will be a rescheduling of different appointments like knowledge tests, retests, oath ceremonies, etc.
  • Foreign nationals in Canada whose temporary residence status is about to expire can reapply for the same. If they have already applied then they can stay in Canada until a decision is made. If their temporary resident status has already expired then they may be able to apply for restoration. Fees will be waived off for the temporary residence applications and extensions.
  • IRCC will accept applications for a permanent resident visa. Completed applications will go through the normal procedure. Incomplete applications due to non-submission of documents may get an extension of 90 days to submit the same. Only those candidates who have got affected due to the pandemic will be considered for the extension. Otherwise, there are chances that the application may get rejected.
  • The resident country of the applicant will be taken into consideration and the decision will be made accordingly by the IRCC.

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