Check Processing Time for Canada PR Visa Process

Getting the permanent residency visa can be a very big hassle for the people who want to immigrate to Canada. There can be a huge processing time for Canada PR visa process if your documents are not in order. The entire process is very transparent but it can make you and choose all the time. You might be wondering how long does it take to get the Canada PR visa? The processing time for the application is actually the duration it takes the IRCC to process your application.

The processing time is the time, which is given in between the day they receive your documents to the date they finally, take the decision to give the visa to you.

Let us look at a few factors that affect the Canada PR visa processing time

Even though the processing time actually starts from the day you submit the application, a lot of it actually depends upon whether you’ve submitted the right documents or not. If you’ve not followed the right steps for the application, the processing time will be huge. The application could be delayed or could actually be sent back if you do not submit the complete documents on time. The time also depends upon the type of application you have given. The processing time also depends upon the number of applications the government has received. Some programs get the same amount of applications every month and some get different kinds of applications every month.

Different PR visa processing time for different immigration programs

If you are going for the express entry program, the average time taken to process your Visa is usually six months. For this program, you will have to fill an online application and then the application is placed in the express entry pool. You will be ranked alongside other applicants. You will get an invitation to apply for your permanent residency if you qualify. 

In other programs, like the Quebec Skilled Workers Program, the processing time is slightly higher. It goes from 12 months to 16 months.

What are the delays and the reasons for these delays?

Even if you have followed all the guidelines that were given for the application and have submitted all the documents, you might take a lot of time. Let us look at a few reasons for the delay.

● There might be an error in the payment of the required fees. The government requires you to pay a certain amount of money for your application to be processed. There are different courses that are associated with every application. If you have not paid the complete amount or you’re forgotten to pay a part of it, the Visa application can be delayed. 

● If your application form is incomplete, you can miss out on a lot of the major components. People often miss out on their signatures in all the required places. Sometimes they even sign on places, which is not actually required. This can cause a lot of harm. Ensure that you follow all the guidelines that are given and you follow a checklist diligently so that there is no delay in the processing time. 

● If you do not provide a cover letter, it will definitely delay the processing time. A cover letter explains why you are applying for permanent residency and why you qualify for the Visa. All these factors are very important for you to understand the delays are only caused when something goes wrong.  Make sure that all your documents are in order and this does not happen to you. 

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