Can a Canadian citizen sponsor a non-family member?

Canada wants more skilled foreigners to migrate to Canada and contribute to the economic development of the country. Canadian authorities have introduced different visa categories to encourage more foreigners to move to Canada. With the Canada Sponsorship visa, Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their dependents.

Important details about the sponsorship visa:

  • You can sponsor certain relatives and dependents but there are several factors that one needs to take into consideration to check if the relative is eligible for the visa.
  • Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident can sponsor the relative and the person sponsoring the relative will have to take complete responsibility for the person whom he is sponsoring.
  • You will have to apply along with all the documents that are requested by the visa authorities. Along with all the information about the relative, you are sponsoring for the Canada Sponsorship visa the applicant will also have to submit proof of income to show that the applicant will be able to support the person whom he is sponsoring financially.
  • The applicant will have to pay the visa application fees, biometrics fees, etc at the time of applying.

Is it possible to sponsor a non-family member?

Some of you may want to sponsor your friends. However, as per the rules and regulations of the sponsorship visa, it is not possible to sponsor friends. Keep in mind that you cannot sponsor a non-family member. Therefore, if you want a non-family member to come to Canada then you will have to check other visa options.

Get the correct guidance from the best visa and Immigration Company:

Many different factors have to be considered in the sponsorship visa and this can be a very confusing thing. If you make mistakes then your visa application can get rejected and you will end up losing time and money.

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