(fingerprints and photo) Biometric requirements for Canada permanent residency

When one is applying for Canadian visas, you must submit your biometrics in the case of certain visa categories. If you want to know complete details about Biometric requirements for Canada then you need to connect with an expert Canada visa and immigration company.

Biometrics involves submitting your fingerprints and photo. There will be some fees that may be incurred for completing the process.

Here are the Canadian visas categories for which you will have to submit biometrics:

  • Visitor visa
  • Work permits
  • Study permits
  • Those with refugee or asylum status
  • For visitor record when one wants to extend stay in Canada
  • Extension of work or study permit
  • PR visa categories

Biometric submission for Canada permanent residency in the times of COVID:

Given the current pandemic situation, the IRCC has brought about some temporary changes. In the case of PR, applicants who have submitted their biometrics in the last 10 years for some other application will not have to submit their biometrics. If the applicant has never given his biometrics or has given them more than 10 years back then he will have to submit his biometrics again. The applicant will have to submit his biometric information at the nearest biometric collection centre.

Here is how you have to submit your biometrics:

  • First, you will have to pay the biometric fees. You have to pay this fee when you apply. Keep in mind that if there is a delay in paying this fee then there will be a delay in processing the application.
  • Once you pay the fees you will get the confirmation and you will also be informed about the place where you have to go to submit your biometrics. The biometric confirmation letter that you get is very important and you have to bring it along with you to the collection centre.
  • You have to be present at the collection centre in person and you need to bring your original passport and the biometric confirmation letter.
  • On the date of the appointment of high-quality, fingerprints are not obtained then the officials may call you later to submit the same again.

Get the best guidance for biometrics from the best visa and Immigration Company:

Many formalities have to be completed at the time of submitting the visa application and biometric submission is just one of them. It is important that you complete all the formalities within the stipulated time and you need to make sure that you make no mistakes. In case you make mistakes then there are chances that your application may get rejected and you will have to go through the entire tedious process all over again. If you do not want to go through all this then you should get in touch with one of the best visa and Immigration consultancy.

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