Benefits of Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Numerous skilled migrants from all over the world have a lot to contribute to the commendable growth of the Canadian economy. The latter is thriving today owing to the remarkable skills and qualifications that its migrants hold, for Canada itself falls short of skilled labour supply locally.

Through immigration programs like the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program, or FSW, as it’s popularly known, the Canadian government makes millions of dreams turn to reality. The program is aimed at people who have specific educational and work skills (which are in short supply in each of the Canadian provinces).

This program can offer numerous benefits to its applicants. Most important, it is particularly useful to apply for Canadian PR via the FSW program. Let’s see how.

Why Should You Apply for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program?

  1. The FSW program provides an excellent opportunity to skilled candidates from different parts of the world to become a part of the growing Canadian economy. These candidates can further contribute to the country’s economic growth through their skills while also reaping returns for themselves. This mutually beneficial agreement can do amazing wonders for both the parties involved in this program.
  • Applicants under the FSW program are free of any restrictions on work. This means that if a candidate’s application to FSW is approved by the government, he/she is authorised to work in any province of Canada and at any time as per his/her convenience. They also gain unrestricted access to all working sectors in Canada and all benefits resulting therefrom, pension, medical and insurance claims, to name a few. 
  • The FSW program offers a host of other benefits to the applicant, such as access to healthcare services in Canada and entitlement to subsidies in education.
  • The FSW program is also the fastest ticket to securing Canadian citizenship. If you work as a Federal Skilled Worker under this program for continuously 3 years in Canada, you become entitled to apply and be considered for becoming a Canadian citizen.
  • Candidates are not required to have any prior connection to Canada before applying for the FSW program. If they can prove that they possess the required number of years of relevant work experience, proficiency in English/French, or both, and the necessary education qualifications, they stand to be considered for the program.
  • FSW is also one of the fastest ways to gain PR status in Canada. Candidates for the program are generally believed to receive the maximum Invitations to Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR.

Note that despite an applicant being eligible to apply for the FSW program, it does not guarantee him/her an ITA from the government. ITA is based on the CRS score/ranking of the candidate. If their CRS score is lower than the minimum cut-off stated to be eligible for receiving ITA, the candidate isn’t likely to receive it from the federal state.

In this case, however, hiring an immigrationconsultantcan be of great help. To start with, they’d be able to help improve your score or ranking in the Comprehensive Ranking System. Once your score improves or reaches the stated cut-off, you may be considered to be picked from the pool of Express Entry candidates in future lucky draws.

There are a number of trusted and dependable Canada immigration consultants in Delhi which you can count on for immigration to Canada. They will be able to provide you all the necessary information on the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program and also help you apply for PR under it. With so many benefits on offer, FSW continues to be the most sought-after immigration program to Canada.

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