A quick overview of CRS Points Calculator

For skilled workers, Canada is one of the best countries as there are many good opportunities and one can live a quality life. However, for migrating to Canada one needs to apply for the point-based express entry system. For this, the applicant needs to know about CRS Points Calculator.

Keen to know the details about the CRS system?

  • The express entry system is a point-based system and the aim of the candidate has to be to score as many points as possible.
  • The first thing that the candidate needs to check is whether he is eligible to apply for the express entry system.
  • He has to score minimum of 67 points in the points calculator. Only then he can apply for the express entry system.
  • Eligible candidates will first have to create their express entry profile. The profile will be given a ranking based on different aspects.
  • The factors that are considered for the scoring points are the age of the candidate, his education, work experience, proficiency in English and/or French language, etc.
  • The aim of the candidate has to be to score as many points as possible. This is because the profile of the candidate will be ranked based on the number of points that he scores.
  • The profiles with a higher ranking will have better chances of selection in the express entry draw. The express entry draw is held at regular intervals.
  • The candidates who are selected in the express entry draw are sent an invitation to apply for the Canada PR visa.
  • Once the candidate receives the ITA he has to submit his visa application along with all the important documents.

Confused about the point-based system? Here is what you can do!

Some of you may be confused with the Comprehensive Ranking System and will not be sure how to proceed with the same. But there is an easy way of applying for the express entry system. All that you need to do is take assistance from one of the best visa and immigration company that has proven expertise in Canada PR visas. You have to make sure that you choose only the best visa and immigration expert who can provide the best guidance.

The visa expert will check the profile of the candidate. He will check if the candidate is eligible to apply for the express entry system. If he is eligible then he will provide details about the procedure and will also help the candidate complete the process.

In case the candidate is not eligible then the expert will give tips on how he can become eligible for the point-based process. The expert will also give other Canada PR visa alternatives like the provincial nomination programme etc.

The expert will ensure that the candidate gets all the guidance that he needs to complete the online and offline process of the Canada PR visa so that the candidate has no difficulty in applying for the Canada PR visa.

The choice of visa and immigration expert is very crucial. One must make sure that they choose a company that has been providing visa and immigration services for many years. Always opt for a company that has a high success rate and will ensure that the best services are provided to the client. Before you choose the visa and immigration expert check his track record as that will give you an idea about the quality of services provided by that company. For CRS Points Calculator details connect with the best visa expert. Understand all the details from the expert and only then apply for the express entry system.

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