MBBS in Canada for Indian students

If you are planning to do MBBS in Canada then you can rest assured that you are going to enjoy several long-term career benefits. But keep in mind that many formalities have to be completed if you want to study MBBS in Canada and for this, it is always better that you take assistance from a good and reputed visa and immigration company.

The advantage of pursuing higher studies like MBBS in Canada:

  • Canada has several Universities that have global recognition and have ample opportunities and good courses for science students.

  • Once you complete your higher education in Canada which has one of the best education systems you can be sure of getting many good career opportunities.

  • The quality of life that students get in Canada is very good and the infrastructure of the country is outstanding.

  • Canada is a safe country for women and students and you will find that many Indian students are studying in different Universities in Canada. The crime rate in Canada is low and the law and order situation in the country is good.

  • This is an immigrant-friendly country and you can be sure of getting warm treatment from the people of Canada.

Now it is time to check the advantages of pursuing an MBBS course in Canada:

  • Canadian Universities offer MBBS course that has global recognition and the students get to study in medical colleges that have very good infrastructure. The medical colleges of Canada have very good and well-equipped laboratories and the students are taught the latest details of MBBS.

  • Students here get very good research opportunities which might not be possible while pursuing the MBBS course in some other countries.

  • The quality of education that you can get in Canada is excellent and you cannot get such a high standard of education in certain other countries.

  • One of the biggest advantages that Indian students have of doing mbbs in Canada is that the fees of the MBBS course in Canada are less as compared to the fees of the MBBS course in some other countries.

  • When you do your MBBS course in Canada you can be sure of getting some really good career opportunities and you can also start your practice. The experience that you get while doing this course in Canada is out of the ordinary and you will cherish every moment of your stay in Canada.

  • One more important benefit of studying this course in Canada is that you get a chance to interact with many international students who have come from different countries to do the course in Canada.

Check the important details of doing the MBBS course in Canada:

  • When you complete the MBBS course in Canada then you get the degree of Doctorate of Medicine. If you do a bit of research about the medical courses that are offered by different Canadian Universities you will find that the Universities in Canada also offer several graduate levels courses like UGME, BSc Medicine, and Bachelor of Medical Science.

  • In Canada, the MBBS course is of a duration of 4 years and you can also check details of other medical related courses like medicine degrees in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy and then choose the course for which you are eligible and one that is as per your academic interest.

  • After completion of the course if the doctor wants to do medical practice in Canada then he has to first get approval for the same from the medical council of Canada.

  • In Canada, graduate physicians who have passed from a university that is recognised by the MCC are awarded a Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC).

  • You will find that there are many different colleges in Canada that offer the MBBS course and most of these courses are recognised by the Medical Council of India.

  • For doing mbbs in Canada it is mandatory for Indian students to clear the NEET examination.

  • The approximate fees of studying MBBS in this country are in the range of 1,20,000 to 3,67,000 CAD. [INR 68,810,000 – INR 210,044,700]. Keep in mind that the fees of the MBBS course in Canada depend on which University or college you select for doing the course.

  • One more important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you also have to take into account the living cost, accommodation costs, travel expenses etc when you are calculating the amount that you need to spend every year when you are pursuing your MBBS course in Canada.

Know about the eligibility criteria for studying MBBS course in Canada:

  • For studying the MBBS course in this country the candidate has to be a student of science with biology as one of the subjects.

  • It is mandatory for Indian students to pass the NEET examination if they want to pursue an MBBS course in Canada.

  • The applicant also has to pass the Medical College Admission Test.

  • The candidate has to submit the English proficiency test scores.

Now take a look at the important steps of the MBBS admission process in Canada:

  • The applicant has to submit the application form for the MBBS course to the University or college where he plans to pursue the course.

  • Along with the admission form, the applicant has to submit several different documents that are requested by the college or University.

  • The college authorities will verify the application form and the documents that are submitted by the student.

  • Next, the student has to appear for a round of interviews which is conducted by the admission committee of the University or college.

  • If the candidate clears the interview and is shortlisted for getting admission to the college or University then he will be given a letter of acceptance by the college or university and this is a very important document that the student will need at the time of applying for the Canada student visa. Without the letter of acceptance, the student cannot apply for a Canadian student visa.

  • The final confirmation is given by the University to the student only after the student gets the visa clearance.

Documentation formalities for studying MBBS in Canada:

  • Transcripts that give details about the marks scored by the student have to be submitted to the college.

  • Statement of Purpose in which the student has to write about himself and also give details about the reasons for choosing this college or University has to be submitted. Students need to keep in mind that this is one of the most important documents in the admission procedure and it needs to be written well.

  • 2 letters of recommendation also have to be submitted by the applicant along with the application.

  • The applicant has to submit the medical certificate which certifies that the student is in the best of health also has to be submitted.

  • English proficiency test scores have to be submitted by the student along with the admission form.

  • The applicant has to submit passport size photographs along with the application form and he also needs to provide the proof of funds to show that he can pay the course fees.

How medical students can apply for a Canadian student visa?

  • The student can apply for the student visa only after he gets the letter of acceptance from the college or university where he plans to pursue the MBBS course.

  • The applicant has to have a valid passport and he also has to submit photographs for the visa.

  • The student must submit proof of funds to show that the candidate can pay the course fees and that he can also bear the living cost during his stay in Canada.

  • The applicant has to submit a medical certificate and police verification certificate for the Canadian student visa.

  • Any other document that is requested by the visa authorities has to be submitted by the applicant for the Canada student visa failing which his application may get rejected and he will have to go through the entire process all over again.

  • Keep in mind that the visa fees have to be paid by the student and this is non-refundable.

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