Looking For Visa Consultants In Delhi To Apply For Canada PR Visa

Looking For Visa Consultants In Delhi To Apply For Canada PR Visa

Even during the pandemic, IRCC is accepting applications for a permanent resident visa for Canada. Of course, there are a few changes in the procedures. There are also bound to be delays in the processing of applications as some processing centres are closed while those that are operational have minimum staff. Are you planning to apply for the Canada PR visa this year? Then take assistance from Visa consultants in Delhi.

Apply for the Canada PR visa:

  • Leave behind all speculations and go ahead and apply for the Canada PR visa. Because even though the impact of the pandemic has slowed down the processing. But still, new applications are being accepted and they will be processed at the earliest.
  • What you as an applicant needs to do is ensure that you complete all the formalities correctly. You have to submit all the documents that are needed for processing the PR visa application.
  • Any mistakes or delay in the submission of documents from your side is going to delay the processing of the visa further. If you have been severely impacted by the pandemic then IRCC is giving extension for submitting the relevant documents.

Just a quick look at the basic procedure of Canada PR Visa:

  • The applicant will first have to check for which visa category he is eligible. Next, he needs to select the correct visa category.
  • After that, he needs to understand the procedure that has to be completed for the selected visa category. For example, if the applicant is selecting the Federal Skilled Worker Programme then he has to create his Express entry profile and must score as many points as possible to get a better ranking. Candidates with higher ranking have better chances of selection in express entry draw. Selected candidates will be sent an Invitation to apply for the visa. The candidate has to apply along with all the documents within the stipulated time.
  • The candidate has to make sure that he submits all the documents that are requested by the Canadian authorities. Some of the common documents that the applicant has to submit include language proficiency test scores, police verification certificates, medical certificates, education certificates etc.

Have you thought of visa experts for Canada visa application?

There will be many of you who may be confused and will not know the exact process. Some of you may also not understand which visa category they must select. The best way to avoid all this confusion is by taking expert advice.

The applicant must get in touch with Canada visa and immigration experts who have profound knowledge about Canada immigration procedure. They will review the profile of the applicant and will help him complete all the formalities correctly. But all this is possible only if you select the best Visa Consultants in Delhi. IRA immigration is one of the most reliable visas and immigration experts in Delhi. They have a dedicated team of experts for Canada immigration. They are known for their professional approach and high success rate.

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