List Of Documents Required Or Canada PR Visa

List Of Documents Required For Canada PR Visa

If you want to migrate to Canada then you will have to choose the correct visa category and will have to complete all the formalities associated with the visa category. One of the important factors of your Canada PR visa application is submitting all the documents that are needed by the Canadian visa authorities.

Here we would like to point out that if you delay the submission of any document then the processing of your visa application will take a longer time. Also if you fail to submit any document then your visa application can get rejected. Even failure to submit the documents in time can lead to rejection of the visa application.

Now every visa category will have its specific requirement and there will be a list of documents that have to be submitted. You have to make sure that you submit all the required documents in time. But some common documents are to be submitted with almost all visa categories.

Let us check the common documents that have to be submitted in the case of most visa categories:

  • The education certificates will have to be submitted. The applicant will have to give all the certificates about the diploma, degree, post-graduation, etc.
  • The candidate will have to submit the Education Credential Certificate if he has completed his education from a non-Canadian University. This is to prove that his education qualification is at par with that of the Canadian University.
  • The candidate will also have to submit the work experience certificate and any other letter etc about his employment that is mandatory for the visa category that he has selected.
  • The candidate must submit language proficiency test score results along with the application. For Canada immigration, the candidate needs to be proficient in English and/or French language.
  • The candidate will have to submit a medical certificate to show that he is in the best of health.
  • The candidate will have to submit the police verification certificate to show that he has no criminal background and that he has a good character.
  • In some cases, the candidate will have to give documents related to proof of funds.
  • Besides these documents, any document that is requested by the Canadian visa authorities will have to be submitted by the candidate.

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