Know The Importance Of Canada PR Visa

Know The Importance Of Canada PR Visa

Canada wants to get more number of skilled workers who can contribute to economic development of the country. This is the reason that this year too they have increased the quota for immigrants.  Those who have plans to move to Canada must try to get the Canada PR Visa.

Why must you migrate to Canada?

Before we take a look at the details about Canada PR Visa let us glance upon the reasons for which one must migrate to Canada.

  • You get a good quality life
  • The weather and the infrastructure are good.
  • There are a number of job opportunities for the right candidate
  • Immigrant friendly country which has introduced many different Canada PR Visa
  • The country has a very strong economy

Advantages of Canada PR Visa:

If you have plans to move to Canada then it is better that you opt for a Canada PR Visa. This is because this visa provides a number of good advantages:

  • The visa holder can stay in Canada for as long as he wants.
  • He can work, study and stay anywhere in Canada.
  • He can avail to number of medical and social benefits just like the Canadian citizens.
  • He will get protection under the Canadian law.
  • He can apply for Canadian citizenship in the future.

How to apply for the Canada PR Visa?

  • You will first have to select the correct visa category. The Canadian authorities have introduced a number of different visa categories so that more number of people can apply for the visa.
  • Selecting the correct visa category is very crucial.
  • Each and every visa category will have their own requirements which the candidate will have to fulfil.
  • The candidate may have to submit proof that he has enough funds to support himself and his dependants in Canada.
  • The candidate will have to submit the medical certificate and the character certificate.
  • The candidate is also required to submit the sponsorship letter or the letter of employment for some visa categories.
  • Some of the visa categories are based on point based system. On such cases the candidate will have to score the minimum number of points that is needed to be eligible for the visa. The candidate will have to try and score more points in order to increase their chances of getting the Canada PR Visa.

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