Key Features of Australia PR Visa

Yes, one of the best places in the world where you can work and have a great life is none other than Australia. Many people who want to settle down in a different country are convinced about this fact and hence there are many applications for Australia PR Visa. Reputed visa and immigration consultant firm IRA immigration say that the enquiries for the permanent resident visa for Australia are increasing day by day as many people want to settle down in this country. Here are some of the key features:

  1. The purpose of Australia immigration:

The visa category that one selects will definitely depend on the purpose of immigration. One of the most common reasons for which people migrate to Australia is for employment prospects. Hence, most people apply for the skilled immigration category of Australia PR Visa. It is important to approach immigration experts like IRA immigration for the selection of right visa category as there are almost 30 categories.

  1. Plenty of benefits:

IRA immigration will tell you that there are plenty of benefits that a PR can enjoy. This includes living and working in this beautiful country. The PR visa will have to be renewed after 5 years and the PR visa also gives the person a chance to apply for citizenship of Australia. Other key benefits include legal benefits, medical benefits, travelling to New Zealand; overseas consular assistance is possible in some cases. Children of PR who are born in Australia become Australian citizens by birth.

  1. Offline and online activities of Australia PR visa application:

In addition to the travel, education and work experience documents, the applicant will have to submit the English language proficiency score and the skill assessment report. Choose the right occupation from the Skilled Occupation list. This can be obtained from IRA immigration. Health and character certificates are also required.

  1. The importance of post application procedure:

After submission of the application, one has to wait for the response from the visa authorities. In case you get the letter from the authorities that your application is selected for applying for the visa then you need to apply for the same within 60 days.

These are some of the basic things that an applicant must know about Australia PR Visa. For more detailed information you can visit your nearest visa and immigration consultants. Just make sure that you only approach reputed immigration consultants like IRA immigration so that you get the correct guidance.

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