IRA Immigration help you to apply for Canada tourist visa from India

IRA Immigration help you to apply for Canada tourist visa from India

Canada is a country where a large number of tourists come from across the globe. This is surely a must visit country. If you too are planning to explore Canada then you need to apply for the Canada tourist visa from India. There is a particular procedure that one needs to follow. It is important to submit certain documents and fulfill certain requirements in order to get the visa.

Here are the requirements for the Canada tourist visa:

The applicant needs to have a valid passport. He needs to give proof of funds in order to show that he has enough funds to survive in Canada during his stay. He needs to convince the authorities that he has enough reasons to come back to his country and that he shall return back to his country before the visa expires. The applicant needs to be in good health and for this he needs to submit a medical certificate. He also needs to provide a moral certificate and must not have any police records. In some cases the applicant has to submit  a letter of invitation. Some applicants may also need a temporary resident visa which will depend on the citizenship of the applicant.

The ways in which you can apply for the visa:

There are two ways in which one can apply for Canada tourist visa from India. The applicant can submit the application in person at the visa office. He needs to download the visa application form from the website, fill it and submit the same along with the documents and the visa fees. In online application the applicant needs to fill up the online form and upload all the documents and pay the visa fees online. It should be noted that the visa fee is not refundable.

IRA immigration at your service:

The entire procedure and requirements can be little time consuming. Also one needs to know the exact details and needs to follow all the procedures correctly failing which the visa application may get rejected. The best thing to do is to contact a visa specialist who has proven expertise in this field and who has helped a large number of people get tourist visas to Canada. The best in this regards is IRA immigration which is located in Delhi. If you want to apply for Canada tourist visa from India then make sure that you visit them at least once. They will tell you the entire procedure in detail. They will tell you about the different documents that are needed and the procedure to get these documents. They will also help you with the different offline and online activities. Their systematic approach will ensure that you submit the application correctly so that the chances of your application getting rejected are few. So if you have Canada on your vacation itinerary then you need to start preparing for the tourist visa and if you do not know how to go about it then get in touch with IRA immigration.

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