Interested in migrating to Canada? Then apply for Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Visa

Interested in migrating to Canada? Then apply for Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Visa

Are you a skilled worker who has the right experience and qualifications? Do you want to settle down in a foreign country which offers some really good opportunity to skilled foreign workers? Then you must apply for the Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Visa.

Why must you opt for Canada?

You might wonder why only Canada? Why not some other place? There are several reasons for this. Canada is a place where you will get good quality life. The infrastructure is par excellence. The economy is strong. This is also one place which has a huge demand for skilled workers with the right qualifications. This is a country which is immigrant friendly. The immigration friendly laws encourage skilled workers to come and work in this country.

How can you migrate to Canada on permanent resident visa?

Canada has many different visa categories through which people can apply for Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Visa. For skilled workers they a point bases system. The skilled workers are expected to score points and more the number of points better is the chance to get an invitation to apply for the visa. This is the Express entry programme and the points that one scores depend on different factors like age, qualifications, skills, experience etc.
It should be noted that in the majority of cases there are some basic requirements that the candidate has to fulfil. Like the person needs to have the right qualifications from a recognised university, he needs to get his skills assessed through skills assessing body and submit details about the same. He also needs to be proficient in English language. The candidate is also expected to submit a medical certificate in order to give evidence that he is in the best of health. In order to prove that he is of a good moral character and not a potential threat to the country he needs to submit a moral certificate.

What are the benefits that you get as a Canada PR?

You can live in Canada permanently. You can work and study anywhere in Canada. You get a number of medical and social benefits. You also get complete protection by the Canadian law. You get to live in a country which is safe and friendly. You get to lead a quality life.

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