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For migrating to any country there is a visa procedure that needs to be completed and every country has different visa formalities. Therefore one must connect with a reliable Immigration Consultancy in Delhi who can provide the right assistance.

Check the basic visa formalities that you need to complete:

Immigration consultancy in Delhi, India

For every country, the PR visa formalities are going to be different and so when you are applying for a PR visa a lot depends on the country where you plan to migrate. However,some basic aspects remain the same in the case of most the countries and these details have been listed below:

  • You have to first select the visa category and for this, you have to check for which visa category you are eligible.

  • Next, you have to understand the documentation formalities that have to be completed and you have to make sure that you submit all the documents that the visa authorities have requested.

  • Here we can consider the example of Canada and it must be pointed out that the Canadian government wants more skilled workers to move abroad and contribute to the economic development of the country. This is the reason that they have many different visa categories. The applicant has to choose the correct visa category for which he is eligible.

  • If you are a skilled workerthen you have to choose the Federal Skilled worker programme which is based on the point-based express entry system.

  • You have to try and get as many points as possible by focusing on factors like education, work experience, English/and or French language proficiency test scores, etc. Candidates with higher points have better chances of getting selected in the express entry draw which is held at regular intervals.

  • Once you are selected in this draw then you get the invitation to apply for the PR visa for Canada and then you have to submit your application along with all the important documents.

  • Those applicants who are not eligible for the express entry program of Canada have to check other options like the Provincial Nominee programme etc. Every province in Canada has its PNP programme which is based on the labour market requirement of that province.

Many different formalities have to be completed and you have to make sure that you submit all the documents. If you end up choosing the wrong visa category or if you fail to complete all the formalities or if you do not submit any of the documents that are requested by the visa authorities then your visa application can get rejected and you will have to reapply for the same.

Reapplying for the PR visa means you have to go through the entire tedious process all over again. If you do not want to face these types of problems then it is better to connect with one of the renowned Immigration consultancy in Delhi which will help you complete all the formalities correctly.

You must consider the option of IRA immigration consultancy in Delhi:

  • IRA immigration is known for its quality services this company has a successful track record and they have helped many candidates to apply for the different types of visas in different countries.

  • IRA immigration has a knowledgeable team of visa and immigration experts and these experts know the PR visa formalities of different countries.

  • IRA immigration provides all types of visa and immigration services for different countries.

  • When you approach IRA immigration they will first check your profile and will take into account different factors like the country where you want to migrate, the reason for which you want to move abroad etc.

  • They will check whether you are eligible to apply for the visa of the country where you want to move.

  • In case the candidate is eligible then IRA immigration experts will tell the candidate how he can apply for the visa.

  • They will tell the candidate which visa category he must select. They will also tell him the details about the formalities that have to be completed to apply for the visa.

  • In case the candidate is not eligible then the experts in IRA immigration will give their honest opinion and they will tell him what he needs to do to improve his chances of becoming eligible.

If you want to apply for a PR visa from any country then the first thing that you have to do is choose a good Immigration consultancy in Delhi. IRA immigration is one of the well-known visa and immigration companies in Delhi and they can surely provide the right assistance for applying for a PR visa in any country. So, if you are planning to move to Canada or the USA or the UK or Australia or Germany then the first thing that you have to do is connect with IRA immigration.

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