Why do People Immigrate to Canada from India?

Why do People Immigrate to Canada from India?

Canada is considered one of the best countries for Indians to move to. People usually immigrate for a multitude of reasons of which the search for better opportunities, growth, low pollution levels and an overall improved lifestyle remain some of the main attractions of Canada.

Why is Canada the Best Place for Migration from India?

There are already a large number of Indians residing in Canada. Combining this with better opportunities and lenient policies, Canada definitely becomes the country of choice for many Indians.

How Can I Apply or Immigrate to Canada from India?

Depending on the type of visa you want – permanent or temporary residency – there are various immigration programs available. IRA helps you with Federal Express Entry System, QSVP, and PNPs immigration programs. There are certain eligibility criteria, such as Language Proficiency, Work Experience, that have to be fulfilled to meet the eligibility for a given immigration program.

Why is Canada One of the Best Countries in the World to Live and Work?

High living standards, low mortality rate, a great healthcare system and free and quality school education are some of the reasons why Canada features in the rankings of top ten countries to live in the world.
Canada has one of the best and lenient immigration policies, which makes it relatively easier to acquire a visa.
Canada has an accepting attitude towards multiculturalism and hence, one can practice one’s own religion or speak in one’s language freely. Moreover, English is the main language of communication. Being a global language, English allows people to fit in and connect very well.
The country is relatively safer.
The levels of environmental pollution are far lower in Canada when compared to many Indian cities.

How is IRA the Best Consultant for Immigration to Canada from India?

IRA offers one of the best Immigration Consultancy Services to those people who are planning to move to Canada. Be it for educational purposes or work purposes, they guide and support people through various stages of the application and visa processes such as application pre-assessment, filing, documentation, drafting of letters, follow-up and much more. Their specialized assistance and mentorship during the long process make it a pleasant and easy venture for people to move to Canada.

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