How to start Canada PR Visa process?

How to start Canada PR Visa process?

There are a number of people who want to move to Canada due to the better quality life that the people get there. This is also the country where one can get some of the best jobs. For those who wish to move to Canada they will have to pass through a Canada PR Visa process. Let us check out the details about this process.

Understanding the concept of Canada permanent residency visa:

A student or a worker from another country who is working in Canada may not be a citizen of Canada. But he can be a permanent resident of the country. He can get the PR of Canada after going through the Canada PR Visa process. The permanent resident is given a card which is called as the PR card. This is the proof that the person is the permanent resident of the country. Suppose the person travels outside Canada then while re-entering the country, he or she has to show the PR card.

Benefits that a permanent resident of Canada can enjoy:

The permanent resident of Canada gets a number of benefits. Let us check out the key benefits that they can enjoy:
  • The permanent resident can stay, work and study in part of Canada
  • The permanent resident can apply for Canadian citizenship in the future
  • The permanent resident gets to enjoy a number of medical and social benefits that the citizen of the country enjoys
  • The permanent resident is protected by the Canadian Law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom

Documents required to apply for the Canada PR visa:

  • Educational Credential assessment
  • Language test results
  • Degrees and diploma certificate in orginal
  • Proof of funds
  • Any other document depending on the visa category that is selected

What are the different visa categories under which one can apply for the Canada PR visa?

Skilled immigrants programme:

The skilled workers from India can apply for the visa under the express entry programme. This is a point based programme in which the applicant has to score points from different factors in order to get invitation to apply for the visa.

Self employed persons programme:

A self employed person who has good work experience and can contribute towards the economy of Canada can apply under this programme

Provincial Nominee programme:

This programme is for those who have got a nomination from a particular province in Canada.

Quebec skilled workers programme:

This programme is mainly for applying for the visa for the Quebec region of Canada.

Start up visa:

This programme is for those who want to start a new business in Canada. They must have business ideas and financial support for the same.

Sponsorship programmes:

This category is for those who already have relatives settled in Canada and they can get sponsorship from these relatives.

The need to approach IRA immigration:

As you can see that there are a number of visa categories for Canada PR Visa process. In order to know the correct visa category and the procedure for the same it is better to get in touch with an expert immigration specialist like IRA immigration.

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