How to get your permanent residence in Australia?

How to get your permanent residence in Australia?

Yes, so you are sure that you want to spend a long time in a country which offers quality life and which has a strong economy. You have made up your mind that Australia is the place where you want to live and this is the place where you want to work. Well then why not speak to an immigration consultant like IRA immigration and understand how you can get an Australia Permanent Residency Visa.

Wondering why opt for a Permanent Residence in Australia?

You might feel why go through the hassles of applying for a PR visa. The answer is simple. Only an Australia PR Visa will let you enjoy a number of benefits which might not have been possible with a normal work visa. Speak to an immigration consultant like IRA and you will get convinced that yes, this PR visa is one of the best ways of realising your dream of staying for a long time in Australia. It will help you get a number of free and subsidised legal and health benefits. Along with several other advantages a PR visa will let you apply for Australian citizenship in the future.

Now here’s how you can apply for Australia PR Visa!

The first thing that you need to do is select the correct visa category. Don’t know which one is right for you? Never mind! Just have a word with a qualified consultant at IRA. Discuss your qualifications, profession etc and the consultant at IRA immigration will be able to help you select the right visa category. Next get all your documents like the language proficiency test results, skill assessment report etc. Discuss and understand the details about the point based system. You can speak to IRA to get an insight about how the points are calculated and the different factors which will affect the points system etc. You also need to fulfil the health and character requirement and you need to pick up the right occupation from the skilled occupation list.

The application process for Australia Permanent Residency Visa may seem to be tedious, but it is not impossible. If you find it way too complicated to manage on your own then take the help from immigration consultants. Talking about immigration consultants, as mentioned earlier you should go for IRA immigration, which is located in Delhi. Since they have years of experience in visa and immigration formalities, they will surely be able to guide you properly.

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