How to apply for canada tourist visa from india?

How to apply for canada tourist visa from india?

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries. There are a number of lovely tourists hotspots and it is one country that you must visit at-least once in your life. But for visiting Canada as a tourist you need to apply for the Canada tourist visa. For this you must know how to apply for Canada tourist visa from India. Here are some guidelines which will help you in applying for the visa.

The application form and the fees:

You first need to download the form from the website of IRA immigration. The visa fees is normally Rs 4000/- for single entry and Rs 8000/- for multiple entry. You must also download the checklist of the documents that you need to submit along with the application. You need to fill the application form online. Then click validate and take a print out of the application form. You need to take two copies of the print out.

Booking of the flight and accommodation:

At times you will have to submit the copies of your flight and accommodation bookings. This is basically to give a proof of funds. What the person can do is make fully refundable flight and accommodation bookings so that you can get a refund in case you need to cancel these bookings and make new bookings.

Submission of documents along with the covering letter:

Along with the application you will have to submit all the documents. You will also have to give a covering letter stating your purpose of visit. You will also have to submit proof of funds which will show that you have enough money to support yourself when you visit Canada. Submission of all the required documents is a must when you apply for Canada tourist visa from India

Collection of passport:

Normally it takes around 10 to 14 days for the person to receive the visa. However, if you are lucky then you may even get the visa in 2 working days. You will have to visit the visa office for the collection of your passport.

The IRA immigration factor:

When you plan a tourist trip for Canada there are a number of other important things that you have to do besides following the procedure to apply for Canada tourist visa from India. If you feel that you are spending too much time understanding the details, then it is best to approach visa specialists like IRA immigration who have years of experience in visa processing . They will tell you all the formalities that you need to follow to apply for the visa. They will help you with all the online and offline activities so that the chances of rejection of your application are less. IRA immigration has successfully helped a large number of people in getting the tourist visa to Canada. So if Canada is on your wish-list and you want to apply for the tourist visa to Canada then get in touch with IRA immigration on priority.

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