How To Apply For Canada PR From Delhi?

How To Apply For Canada PR From Delhi?

With India moving to the forefront of IT and technology in general. The skills sets of Indian IT and other management professionals have made headlines world over. Most foreign countries are looking for individuals with these skill sets and are now providing attractive immigration programs to lure in professionals.

Canada is one country with large requirements for individuals with certain skill sets. Canada provides over 61 different immigration programs aimed at bringing qualified professionals from all countries to Canada. There are several ways you can apply for Canada PR form Delhi, but the most popular options are the Canada Express entry program and the Provincial nominee program.

Let’s have a look at both these programs and determine the one that might suit your best:

The Express entry program

  • The express entry program was introduced by the Canadian government in 2015 to ease the visa application system and streamline the overall process.
  • The express entry system brought with it a points-based applicant ranking system where points are awarded on the basis of education, age, work experience, language proficiency and other factors.
  • With the express entry visa, you have to option to settle anywhere in Canada. You will receive all rights a similar Canadian citizen gets and you do not need a job letter from any organization. With this visa, you need not enter into bonds with the working organization.
  • The critical skills are what is most important for the express entry system, the system has selected certain jobs which require people with particular skillsets. Canada has a shortage of people with these skill sets.
Currently, the Canadian government is looking for individuals who are quite experienced at various levels of management. So if you think you have a particular skillset listed, it is better to apply in 2024.

Provincial nominee program

  • Like the federal express entry, The Canada PNP program is also a points-based system used to work out entry into different provinces of Canada.
  • The eligibility criteria are set by each province and the visas status is determined only after. Like every other program, a draw will happen which will select the final applicants eligible for immigration.
  • The eligibility criteria changes with time. But this program is most helpful for professionals looking for a specific province to settle in.

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