How to apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India?

How to apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India?

There are many reasons which makes Canada one of the most sought after destination for immigration. Many people apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India as they get a large number of career opportunities and a secure and lovely life. Canada has a strong economy and good infrastructure.

Here is why you must apply for the Canada PR visa:

If you have plans to work or study in Canada for a long time then it is better you apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India. This is because you get the benefit of staying in the country for a long time without being a citizen of Canada. So this is one visa which gives a lot of flexibility.

The key advantages of Canada permanent residency visa:

There are a large number of advantages that you can get when you get the PR visa for Canada. The most important thing is that this visa lets you stay and work and study anywhere in Canada. You get to enjoy a number of social and medical benefits when you have the Canada PR visa. You also get protection by the Canadian La w and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. In future you can also apply for the citizenship of the country.

The formalities that one need’s to complete for obtaining this visa:

One of the most important steps will be to submit the different documents that are needed for processing the visa. You will have to submit the original documents of your educational qualification. The applicant will also have to submit the language test results and the skills assessment results. Educational credential assessment and proof of funds will also have to be submitted. These are the common documents that will be needed. In addition other documents will also have to be submitted based on the visa category that one is applying for.

The different visa categories for Canada permanent residency visa:

These include the following categories:
  • Skilled immigrants Program (Express Entry)
  • Self-employed Persons Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program- QSWP (or investor or entrepreneur program)
  • Start-up visa(for people who have a business idea and someone to fund it)
  • Sponsorship programs
Each category has its own specific requirement. Like the express entry programme is based on the points that you score from the different factors and the provincial nominee programme is for applying for the visa of a particular province in Canada. In this way you will find that each category has specific criteria and specific formalities need to be completed.

Getting associated with IRA immigration:

If you are interested to apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India then the best thing to do is to get in touch with IRA immigration. They have the right team with the right knowledge and they can help you select the right visa category and applying for the correct visa with the correct documents. They will also make sure that all your queries are resolved.

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