How to Apply for Australia Skilled Provisional visa?

How to Apply for Australia Skilled Provisional visa?

Australia, which has one of the strongest economies is ready to welcome skilled foreigners who are willing to work in Australia. The subclass 489 which is the Australia Skilled Provisional visa is a type of temporary visa which allows the candidate to work in Australia for few years. In order to get details like the number of years that one can stay in Australia with this visa can be discussed with professional visa consultants like IRA immigration who have plenty of rich experience in the field of visas and immigration policies of different countries.

To apply you must know if you are eligible:

If you are keen to apply for this visa, then you must know about the eligibility criteria. First and foremost, check the consolidated skilled occupation list. This list can be obtained from IRA. This will give you an idea about the occupations that are eligible for this visa. Next, you need to be less than 50 years of age and must have scored some minimum points. Since this visa is a point based one it is better to consult visa consultants like IRA for the simple reason that they have thorough knowledge about the number of points needed and also the various factors that are going to affect the points. They can also give you tips on how you can score more so that the chances of your selection get better. Besides there are number of other documents which are needed like language proficiency, sponsorship letter, letter of expression of interest and much more. The procedure is complicated but if you take proper guidance from good consultants of the calibre of IRA immigration from Delhi then remember that this is not impossible.

Enjoy the benefits of Australia Skilled Provisional visa:

Yes, the eligibility criteria are pretty long, but even the list of benefits is pretty long. The Australia Skilled Provisional visa not only lets you live and work in Australia, but in the long run you can also apply for permanent residency. Till the validity of the visa you can travel in and out of Australia with ease.  This is one of the best ways of realizing your dream of working in Australia. All you need to do is speak to IRA immigration and get in-depth knowledge about the documentation procedures and formalities. Follow it step by step and your chances of getting the visa will definitely be high. Start working to get this ticket to your dream country at the earliest.

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