How to apply for Australia Permanent residency visa?

How to apply for Australia Permanent residency visa?

Planning to settle down in Australia for good? Then it is not that easy! You need to apply for Australia Permanent residency visa. Keep in mind that Australia receives a large number of visa applications and in order to make sure that you stand a better chance in getting the visa it is important that you complete all the formalities and apply for the Australia visa in a proper way. Otherwise there are chances that your application will get rejected. Every year a large number of applications are rejected because the applicant fails to complete all the formalities properly. In order to be able to complete all the formalities it is important that the applicant has proper knowledge about the selection criteria and the procedure.

Here is how you can apply for the Australia PR visa!

First and foremost understand that applying for the Australia Permanent residency visa is a point based system. Now calculation of these points is based on different factors like age, your qualification and training, work experience etc. You should also have the details about the Skilled Occupation List because it is from this list that you will have to select one occupation. There are a number of documents that need to be submitted along with the application. The applicant will also have to undergo a medical examination for getting the medical or the health certificate. Moral certificate will also be required which can be obtained only after the application undergoes a strict verification process. There is also selection of the right visa category. The visa category that you select will again depend on whether you are going there to work or as a dependant etc. Once you complete the online and the offline formalities you need to wait for an answer from the Australian authorities. If your application is selected then you will get an invitation from them to apply for the Australia PR visa.

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