How To Apply For A Canadian PR Visa?

How To Apply For A Canadian PR Visa?

In recent years Canada has emerged as the benchmark for living quality and health care. Canada has managed to improve every aspect that affects the life of its citizens. It is to no surprise as Canada is now the hotbed for Indians looking to migrate and settle abroad.

Canada is an immigrant friendly country with its main institutions welcoming people from all parts of the world to live and work there. Canada has an acute shortage of skilled workers for certain fields, therefore to attract people they have introduced the express entry system and also the provincial nominee program.

Both of these programs help Indians to get easy visa approval and a better chance to get PR.

Express Entry System

The express entry system was introduced in 2015 to make the immigration process as smooth as possible. The Express entry system calculates points based on certain criteria like age, education, work experience and language proficiency. After calculating the points, a draw will be conducted and people who qualify have a direct chance to apply for PR after meeting the IRCC requirements. This is the easiest way for Indians to acquire Canadian PR.
You also have the option of settling anywhere in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program

PNP program provides Canadian PR to candidates who possess the skill sets which are set by each province. The qualification criteria changes for every province and the PR status can be achieved only if the requirements are met. You can check out the provincial websites or an expert at IRA to know what qualifications each province is requiring.

PR Visa New Rules

  • IELTS Score- 6 to qualify for express entry and a minimum of 4.5 for some PNP programs.
  • Educational Qualification – A degree from a recognized university. Feasibility will be checked by a recognized authority.
  • Health and Character test – Health checkup and Police clearance certificate are necessary for any visa.

PR Visa changes

  • 2018 saw the Canadian government giving more importance to French language and candidates who speak French will be given 30 extra CRS points.
  • The age of dependent children is now 22
  • The conditional permanent residency rule has been removed which allowed spouses to stay with their partners for a minimum of 2 years

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