How many points are required for Quebec Skilled Workers Programme?

Those skilled workers who intend to settle down in Quebec in Canada then they will have to apply for the Quebec Skilled Workers Programme. This programme has been developed by the Quebec Government and the Canadian Federal government. To apply for this programme, the candidate will have to fulfil certain requirements.

A look at some of the important requirements of Quebec Skilled Workers Programme :

Some important factors are considered in the case of this programme.

  • The candidate is given points based on certain important factors.

  • There are 9 factors in which the candidate is expected to score points.

  • The first category is training. In this, the total points awarded are 26. It has 2 subcategories. These are education is which the candidate can score a maximum of 14 points and training in which he can score a maximum of 12 points.

  • The next factor is work experience. In this, the candidate can score a maximum of 8 points. Candidate with less than 6 months’ experience will not get any points but a candidate with 4 or more years of experience will be awarded 8 points.

  • The maximum points that the candidate can score in the age factor are 16. Candidates who are in the age group of 18 to 35 will get maximum points.

  • In the case of language proficiency, the French language is given preference over the English language. The total number of points that the candidate can score in language proficiency is 22. In proficiency in the French language can help you get 16 points and proficiency in the English language can help you get 6 points.

  • If you have any connection with Quebec province then you will get 8 points. What is meant by connection is that you may have lived in Quebec before or you may have spouse or parent or grandparent or sibling or children living in Quebec?

  • The spouse characteristics can help you get a maximum of 17 points.

  • A candidate who has a valid job offer has a chance to score a maximum of 10 points

  • One can also get 1 point for financial self-sufficiency

The minimum score required to qualify for the Quebec Skilled Workers Programme:

For a single applicant, the minimum score required is 50 points. That is a person has to score at least 50 points only then he will be considered for this programme. If you are applying along with your spouse or your common-law partner then the minimum score required is 59 points.

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