How long can I stay in Canada as a visitor on a Tourist visa?

Canada is a place that many people want to visit at least once in their life. But to visit Canada as a tourist you will have to apply for the tourist visa. You can get the information for the same from the best Canada tourist visa consultants.

Here is what you need to do to apply for the Canada tourist visa:

  • The applicant will first need a valid passport and photographs that are as per the specifications.

  • He will also have to submit proof of funds to show that he can support himself and his dependents during his stay in Canada

  • The applicant will also have to convince the authorities that he will leave the country before the visa expires.

  • It is also important that the candidate shows that he has enough reasons to come back to his home country.

  • The applicant is also required to submit health certificate that shows that he is in the best of health. 

  • The applicant will also have to give police verification certificate that shows that he has a good character and does not have a criminal record

For how many days one can stay with the Canada tourist visa?

Those of you who are applying for the tourist visa will surely want to know that for how many days you can stay in Canada once you get the tourist visa. In most of the cases the visitor can stay up to 6 months in Canada with the visitor visa. On the port of entry, the date till when you can stay in Canada will be entered on the passport. You have to make sure that you leave Canada before the expiry of the visa.

Not sure how to apply? Here is what you can do!

  • There will be many of you who may have many questions about tourist visa for Canada. You may be confused about the process. You may also want complete information about how long you can stay in Canada with your visitor visa.

  • For all such information there is only one thing that you must do. You must get in touch with one of the best visa consultants who will provide all the information about the Canada tourist visa.

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