How Doctors apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India?

How Doctors apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India?

Canada PR for Indian doctors, there are many people from the medical field like doctors & dentists who can have a flourishing professional practice in Canada. In order to migrate to Canada the doctors will have to apply for the Canada permanent resident visa from India. For this the first thing that needs to be done is to select the correct visa category and from there on the doctor can start working towards realizing his or her dream of settling down in Canada.

New jobs (2017-2021)
Replacement jobs (2017-2021)
All occupations
Professional occupations in health (except nursing)
General practitioners and family physicians

Opting for the correct visa category:

There are a number of different visa categories under which a person can apply for a Canadian visa. It is important to select the right visa category. In case of doctors and dentists they need to opt for the  Federal Skilled Worker program.  Doctors should note that their occupation is listed in the Priority Occupation List for the Canadian skilled worker visa category. So even if they do not received any sponsorship from any employer in Canada they can apply for the  Canada permanent resident visa from India under this category. Family physicians, Specialists in clinical medicine, Specialist Physicians, General Practitioners etc can apply under this category. They need to have the right qualifications from a recognized university and they also need to have relevant experience. It should be noted that the experience required and other details will vary depending on the qualification. In some cases the applicant needs to be licensed by a provincial or territorial regulatory body.

The factors on which the selection of the skilled workers is done in this program are:

  • The education of the applicant
  • English and or French proficiency skills
  • Work experience
  • Age of the applicant
  • Whether the applicant has employment in Canada
  • The flexibility and adaptability that the applicant possesses

Canada PR For Indian Doctors, Some Important NOC codes for Indian doctors:



Skill Type


Specialist physicians



General practitioners and family physicians












Audiologists and speech-language pathologists



Cardiology technologists and electrophysiological diagnostic technologists, n.e.c.



Other medical technologists and technicians (except dental health)






Dental hygienists and dental therapists



Dental technologists, technicians and laboratory assistants





The NOC Code to Immigrate to Canada as a Doctor covers a large number of Doctor position titles, including:

  • acute care specialist
  • allergist
  • allergologist
  • anatomical pathologist
  • anatomopathologist
  • anesthesiologist
  • anesthetist
  • anesthetist-resuscitator
  • autopsy pathologist
  • cardiac surgeon
  • cardiologist
  • cardiology specialist
  • cardiothoracic surgeon
  • cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon
  • cardiovascular and thoracic surgery specialist
  • cardiovascular surgeon
  • child specialist
  • clinical immunologist
  • clinical immunologist-allergist
  • clinical immunology and allergy specialist
  • clinical pathologist
  • clinical pharmacologist
  • community health physician
  • community medicine physician
  • community medicine specialist
  • cosmetic surgeon
  • critical care medicine physician
  • critical care medicine specialist
  • dermatologist
  • diagnostic radiologist
  • diagnostic radiology specialist
  • ear specialist
  • emergency medicine physician
  • emergency medicine specialist
  • emergency physician
  • emergentologist
  • endocrinologist
  • environmental medicine specialist
  • esthetic surgeon
  • eye specialist
  • forensic pathologist
  • gastroenterologist
  • general pathologist
  • general surgeon
  • geneticist – medical specialist
  • geriatric medicine specialist
  • geriatrician
  • geriatrics specialist
  • geriatrist
  • gynecologist
  • heart specialist
  • hematological-pathologist
  • hematologist
  • hematopathologist
  • hematopathology specialist
  • histopathologist – medical specialist
  • hyperbaric physician
  • immunologist and allergologist
  • infectious disease physician
  • infectious disease specialist
  • infertility specialist
  • inpatient physician
  • internal medicine specialist
  • internist
  • laryngologist
  • lung specialist
  • medical bacteriologist
  • medical biochemist – physician
  • medical examiner
  • medical geneticist
  • medical genetics specialist
  • medical microbiologist
  • medical oncologist
  • medical oncology specialist
  • medical parasitologist
  • medical pathologist
  • medical physiologist
  • medical specialist
  • neonatologist
  • nephrologist
  • nerve specialist
  • neurological surgeon
  • neurologist
  • neuropathologist
  • neuropsychiatrist
  • neurosurgeon
  • nose specialist
  • nuclear medicine physician
  • nuclear medicine specialist
  • nuclear physician
  • obstetrician
  • obstetrician-gynecologist
  • occupational health physician (OHP)
  • occupational medicine specialist
  • occupational physician
  • oculist
  • OHP (occupational health physician)
  • oncologist
  • ophthalmologist
  • orthopedic surgeon
  • orthopedics specialist
  • orthopedist
  • otolaryngologist
  • otologist
  • otorhinolaryngologist
  • otorhinolaryngology specialist
  • pathologist – medical
  • pathologist-hematologist
  • pediatric oncologist
  • pediatric surgeon
  • pediatrician
  • phoniatrician
  • phoniatrist
  • physiatrist
  • physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist
  • plastic surgeon
  • plastic surgery specialist
  • pneumologist
  • police surgeon
  • preventive medicine physician
  • preventive medicine specialist
  • proctologist
  • psychiatrist
  • psychopharmacologist
  • pulmonary disease specialist
  • pulmonary medicine physician
  • pulmonary medicine specialist
  • pulmonologist
  • radiation oncologist
  • radiologist
  • radio-oncologist
  • radio-oncology specialist
  • rehabilitation specialist
  • respiratory disease specialist
  • respirologist
  • rheumatologist
  • rhinologist
  • skin disease specialist
  • skin specialist
  • specialist doctor
  • specialist in cardiology
  • specialist in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery
  • specialist in community medicine
  • specialist in critical care medicine
  • specialist in emergency medicine
  • specialist in environmental medicine
  • specialist in epidemiology and community medicine
  • specialist in geriatric medicine
  • specialist in hematopathology
  • specialist in infectious diseases
  • specialist in infertility
  • specialist in internal medicine
  • specialist in medical oncology
  • specialist in nuclear medicine
  • specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • specialist in plastic surgery
  • specialist in preventive medicine
  • specialist in pulmonary disease
  • specialist in spinal injuries
  • specialist in sports medicine
  • specialist in vascular surgery
  • Doctor
  • spinal injury specialist
  • sports medicine physician
  • sports medicine specialist
  • surgeon
  • surgical pathologist
  • surgical physician
  • surgical resident
  • thoracic surgeon
  • throat specialist
  • tropical medicine physician
  • urologist
  • vascular surgeon

Get in touch with IRA immigration for the correct details:

As you can see a lot depends on the qualification of the doctor. In some cases, one year experience is fine where as for some at least 4 to 5 years experience is required. Some of the doctors may have the feeling that they may not meet the requirements of the Federal Skilled program. But that does not mean that they cannot move the Canada. There are a large number of other visa categories which they may consider. Of course the requirements will vary for the different visa categories. So when one decides to  move to Canada they need to first select the correct category and then fulfill the requirements.

These things can be confusing and difficult. So it is always better to check with an expert who has spent years in the field of visa and immigration In Delhi IRA immigration is the best. They have in-depth knowledge about the different visa categories and the requirements for each category. All that the doctor who wants to get Canada permanent resident visa from India  needs to do is get in touch with IRA immigration and give complete details about qualification, work experience etc. IRA immigration will give the correct information and guidance.

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