Here is how express entry candidates can migrate to Canada as provincial nominee

Express entry programme and the Provincial Nominee programme are 2 of the most popular immigration programmes. One can apply for either of the two depending on the eligibility. At the same time, express entry candidates can move to Canada as a provincial nominee. They need to choose the Express Entry Provincial Nominee Program.

Read on to know how an express entry candidate can migrate to Canada as a provincial nominee:

There are 2 ways by which one can apply for the Express Entry Provincial Nominee Program.

Method 1:

  • In the first method, the candidate can apply for the provincial nomination of the province where he wants to settle down in Canada.

  • Once the candidate gets the provincial nomination then he can create an express entry profile

  • In the profile, he can show that he has already got the provincial nomination.

Method 2:

  • The candidate will first have to create the express entry profile

  • Next, the candidate can apply for the provincial nomination

  • The candidate may get notification of interest from a province or territory the candidate can contact the province directly. The candidate can apply to the express entry stream of the programme.

Create your Canada express entry profile now!

  • As you can see the creation of an express entry profile is a must. Therefore it is better that you create the same right away. It can be done online.

  • The candidate’s profile will then be given points based on different factors like age, qualification, work experience, language proficiency test results, etc.

  • Based on the number of points the profile of the candidate will be ranked. More the number of points higher will be the ranking. The higher the ranking better are the chances of the candidate to get selected in the express entry draw. The selected candidate will be sent an Invitation To Apply for the PR visa. The candidate then has to submit his PR visa application along with all the documents.

  • The express entry candidate who gets the provincial nomination will get additional 600 points. This will almost ascertain the selection of the candidate in the express entry draw.

How Canada PR visa experts can assist the candidate?

In order to get the exact information about the Canada PR visa, the aspirant must get in touch with Canada PNP Consultants. The experts will guide the aspirant in the best possible way. They will check if the candidate is eligible and they will provide all the assistance for all the online and offline activities. The experts will ensure that the candidate completes all the formalities correctly. However, for this, the candidate needs to choose only the best company that is known to provide the best assistance.

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