Global immigration consultancy in West Delhi, India

Global immigration consultancy in West Delhi, India

Everyone likes to raise a family in a country where the employment rate is high, there is a sophisticated standard of living and there are softer immigration policies for the immigrants. Candidates wishing a temporary or permanent visa outside their native country should ensure proper documentation and have sound knowledge about the immigration process.

That’s when global immigration consultancy comes into the picture. IRA in Janakpuri, West Delhi is regarded to be one of the best when it comes to immigration processes for temporary or permanent visa to various countries like Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Denmark, UK, South Africa and many more. The team at IRA is dedicated towards visa application processes that are for a temporary or permanent residency. Employers at IRA understand that temporary visa application requires different documentation while permanent visa application requires more in depth procedure of the application.

Experts at IRA have years of experience in the field of immigration and follow the immigration process religiously to identify even minute changes in the application. There are various teams at IRA that are dedicated to respective countries. This is because different countries have different immigration process therefore different documents are required for the immigration process.

About IRA

IRA is regarded as one of the best global immigration consultancy in Delhi and cities nearby. The company believes in making the visa process a less tension path for its customers. We provide services like settling in abroad, studying in abroad, visiting abroad and working abroad.
The rates are competitive rates designed in such a way that the candidate doesn’t feel cheated. The experts guide the candidates according to their requirement who are well versed with the visa applications of various countries. The teams keep a strict check on the changes made in visa application of various countries so that there is no confusion towards the end of the procedure.

Why choose us?

At IRA, it is believed that every individual requires personal and customized services. The experts design the process in such a way that the candidate doesn’t feel any pressure regarding the visa application. The attitude of the experts at IRA is customer centric attitude that has made the company one of the best in the services of immigration.
For all your abroad queries be it to study, to work, to live or to invest, its one stop, i.e IRA immigration services.

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