Free Visa Assessment form for Canada PR Visa from India

Free Visa Assessment form for Canada PR Visa from India

In order to visit or to immigrate to Canada you need to have a proper visa along with the other travel documents. In order to apply for the visa you need to select a proper visa category. Each visa category will have some documentation requirements and some other formalities that you must complete. You can apply for Canada PR Visa from India by selecting one of the visa categories that are provided by the Canadian authorities.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s what you must do!

Yes, it can be very confusing to apply for the visa. You may not know exactly what you have to do. This is because you may not be clear about which visa category is best suited for your requirements. You may not know if you can directly apply for Canada PR Visa from India or it will be better to apply first for a temporary visa and then try for PR status.

If you are stuck and do not know how to proceed, then here is a simple solution to the problem. You fill up an online assessment form on one the reputed visa and immigration service provider’s website. You will be asked to fill up all your details. The format of the form will depend on the immigration service provider that you have selected.

Wondering which immigration expert to approach? Here is the answer!

If you search the internet you will come across a number of immigration service providers. But not all are reliable. You have to make sure that you select a service provider who is genuine and has years of experience. You must opt for the service provider for whom customer comes first. One such immigration service provider is located in Delhi and that it IRA immigration.

IRA immigration has helped many people apply for the Canada PR Visa from India. The procedure that they follow is very simple. They ask you to fill up an online assessment form with all your details including contact details on their website. Their immigration experts carefully scrutinise the assessment form. Then they get in touch with the applicant and tell him about the best visa category for him. They will explain all the formalities in detail. They will also tell about the benefits of getting a particular visa. They will provide details on different documents and forms that need to be submitted. They will also provide information about any specific and special requirements like sponsorship requirements etc. They have a team of experts who are well versed with all the different visa categories and are focussed on ensuring that they provide the best services. Whether it is temporary work visa or study visa or tourist visa or permanent resident visa you can be rest assured that IRA immigration is the best place to get detailed information. They will assist you with all the online and offline procedures so that your visa application process goes about smoothly. So, fill up the free assessment form right away.

Free Immigration Assessment

Find out your options for visa by completing a free online assessment.