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France is the most adorned & the most visited country globally. It is especially famous for its capital city Paris & the escalation it offers. Every year it attracts 86 million visitors. Paris is the favourite tourist spot for people who want to experience the magic of summer & sublimation of winter. No matter which weather it is, Paris will make your day & night for sure.

The breathtaking views, the garland of nature & the enticing landmarks, and world-class views. Everything. Everything is more than enough to make France a place everyone desires!

Therefore, here in this blog, we’ll discuss how you all can travel to France easily; and most importantly, which are the best France Tourist Visa Consultants in the city?

France Tourist Visa

France Tourist Visa refers to a short-term visa approved for someone willing to travel to France for tourism, and that person will leave Canada at the end of their tour all through France once the proposed Period is over.

As far as the validity of the France Tourist Visa is Concerned, it depends upon how many days you have applied to stay in France in your application & for how many days does the immigration officer allow you to stay in France after the review of your application.

The Period could vary much. It could be a week or ten days, or even 15 days. And as it can be ruled out, it indeed can be three months either. So, it entirely depends on the immigration officer & your requirements.

France Tourist Visa Consultants in the City

France Tourist Visa Consultants are the authorised immigration lawyers with experience & professionalism who help individuals get a France tourist visa quickly. The France Tourist Visa Consultants in the city help in furnishing your application & all the supporting documents vital for you to submit with your application for a visa.

In our city, you can find a lot of France tourist visa consultants. Still, before you select any one of those, better check about their team & experience in this particular process as all the best immigration consultants are not experts in all the process. So do research on which one is experienced in the France Process.

Is IRA Immigration a France Tourist Visa Consultant?

IRA Immigration is the most well-known  Immigration Consultant based in Delhi. Over the years, it has achieved the highest success ratio in all the processes. It is, in fact, famous as the one-stop destination for all the immigration processes & queries.

As far as France Tourist Visa Consultants in the city is concerned, we have a track record of providing all our clients with the best & satisfying results. We have successfully served you all for years, whether it be Canada Process or Australia process, or the France process.

Eligibility for France Tourist Visa

Look at some of the essential points before submitting your application for a France Tourist Visa. Unless you follow these points, you won’t be eligible for France Tourist Visa:

  • Provide all the right & authentic information about yourself as asked by the France Tourist Visa Immigration form.
  • You must have a valid passport of yours. The passport you hold must be issued within ten years only. It will be declared invalid if it is more than ten years old.
  • You must provide two passport-sized photos of yours ( they must not be older than three months).
  • You have to provide proof of your visa fees payment.
  • You have to provide proof of your accommodation in France. E.g. hotel booking bills or any other accommodation you prefer.
  • You must have a travel itinerary with you. This document reveals your entire plan for the France visit, like what are you willing to do, what not, etc.
  • You must have travel medical insurance covering a minimum of €30,000 of your travel expenses.
  • You have to provide a police certificate showing you don’t have any criminal cases against you.
  • You have to submit copies of your older visas ( if you have any).
  • You also have to deposit the details about your financial background & sponsorship to show the Immigration officer that you are eligible to meet the finances in France.

Documents Required for France Tourist Visa

  • Original Passport
  • Confirmed Ticket
  • Cover Letter
  • Copy of previous travel history
  • Two Photographs
  • Salary Slip
  • Hotel Bills

Essential Points to Consider for an applicant

  • One can stay in France on a Tourist Visa for at least 90 days.
  • Once to show the entire travel plan in France.
  • One must apply for a visa at least two months before the visit.
  • One must approve the documents from the immigration officers in New Zealand.

Why Do People Love to Visit France?

  • It has some of the most fantastic Sights in the world.
  • It has a vibrant culture & diversity.
  • It has some breathtaking places to visit.
  • French food is famous worldwide.
  • It has way too much art & architecture to offer.

How do France Tourist Visa Consultants Help you to File the Visa?

  • They Prepare Your application.
  • Prepare your cover letters with professional writers.
  • Please make the necessary changes from their experience.
  • Helps you with Language Proficiency tests.
  • They rightfully make the last movement changes if required.

Conclusion: As evident by the history & track records of IRA Immigration, we have continuously endeavoured to be the best France Tourist/ Visitor Visa Consultant in the city. Out of all the cases we have handled over the past few years, we have developed & grown into better professionals. Therefore, we can assure you of the quality services at ease.

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