Express entry processing time

Express entry processing time

One of the most popular Canada visa categories among skilled workers if the Skilled workers program. This is also known as the Express entry programs. It is one of the finest programs using which the best people from different countries get the opportunity to migrate and work in Canada. Like every year this year too Canada express entry 2017 has received a number of applications. This shows the popularity of this program. It selects the best skilled workers and gives them a chance to work in Canada. Let’s discuss about express entry processing time and criteria.

The criteria for Canada express entry programme:

This is mainly a point based program. These points are based on a number of factors. These factors include the age of the person, his or qualifications, work experience, his training and his skills etc. What the candidate has to do is try and score as many points as possible. Now in case of factors like age there is nothing that the applicant can do but in case of factors like training etc he has a chance of getting more points as compared to others. Those candidates who have higher scores will have a better chance of getting the invitation from the Canadian authorities to apply for the express entry visa . The Canada express entry processing time will normally be around six months and in some cases even less than that. But for this the applicant has to make sure that he submits the application and all the documents within the stipulated time and he must make sure that all the documents are correct and all the formalities are completed correctly.

Consult IRA immigration for Canada express entry processing time:

The candidate can get confused and may need guidance in understanding the different formalities. You can approach good immigration consultants like IRA immigration if you want to get the details about the procedure and the Canada express entry processing time. They will furnish all the correct details so that you have no confusion. They will guide you on how the apply for the express entry program, the efforts that you need to put in so that you can score more and increase your chances of getting the visa under the express entry program. If you have the right qualifications and want to work in Canada and get a PR then get in touch with IRA immigration in Delhi. They will give you a clear idea about the procedure that you need to follow.

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