Engineers are on high demand in Canada and Australia

After getting a degree in engineering from a good university most engineers want to go and work in foreign countries for better exposure and better experience. Two countries which are always on the lookout for quality engineers are Canada and Australia. The state of the art facilities, quality of life and economy of both these countries is too good. In fact, if you check with immigration consultants like IRA immigration you will find that many qualified engineers go to these two countries every year by opting for Australia or Canada work permit visa.

All you need to know about the work permit visa of Canada:

Now engineers should understand one thing that this is not a point based programme and you will basically need an offer letter from a genuine Canadian employer. Besides the offer letter in most cases positive Labour Market Opinion is a must. It is also important that a person applying for the Canada work permit visa has proof of enough funds for his survival in Canada. He must also be able to convince the authorities that he will abide by all the laws during his stay in Canada and that he will return back to India before the visa expires.

All that you need to know about the work permit visa of Australia:

Those engineers who want to apply for the Australia work permit visa have to first and foremost, check Skilled occupation list that is available with immigration consultants like IRA immigration and opt for the correct occupation. It is also important that engineers have relevant experience in their chosen field and they also need to furnish health and medical certificates and the English language proficiency score if they wish to apply for the work permit visa of Australia. It is also mandatory that the skills are assessed by a certified authority. Whether an engineer wants to migrate to Australia or to Canada what he needs to do is walk into the office of IRA immigration and discuss about his plans of moving to Canada or Australia on a work permit visa. Then he needs to understand from IRA about the procedure and the duration that will be needed for completion of the processing of the application. Keep in mind that once you are clear about the procedure it will be very easy for you to go and work in the country of your choice. A work permit visa will surely give you a chance to work in your dream country.

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