What Are The Eligibility Criteria For A Student Visa In Canada?

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For A Student Visa In Canada?

A large number of students apply to Canadian universities from India. When you get admission into top universities in Canada, you need to make sure that you have an excellent academic score and you have to get a study permit. A student must apply for a temporary resident visa, which is provided by the Canadian high commission and then goes on other things. 

What is the study permit?

It is a document, which is given by the government, which serves as permission for foreign students to study in Canada. International students cannot stay in Canada without a study permit. Apart from this, students who get a study permit are allowed to enroll in designated learning institutions. 

Get your study permit

You are required to carry a letter of introduction along with all the documents, which are given out on the upside. When you go to the airport, you will meet the immigration officer. Give them your passport in the letter of introduction. They will validate it and if they find it adequate, they will give you a study permit.

What are the eligibility criteria for Canada Student visa? 

You will get a study permit if a designated learning institute has accepted you. You need to prove to the government that you have adequate funds. You need to prove that you have a very clean background and there is no criminal record associated with your profile. You need to provide a police certificate. You need to do a medical check-up and produce a medical certificate that tells you that you are in good health.

What documents are required?

Need a valid passport, proof of acceptance, and proof of funds, passport size photographs, immigration medical examination, and statement of purpose, English language proficiency exam score, and a credit card. 

Now that you know all about the eligibility criteria for a Canada student visa, you need to understand that this is a very cumbersome process and you need to start preparing for it at the right time. With the help of the right immigration consultant, you can surely get the study visa you have been dreaming of. The right consultant plays a very important role in telling you about the eligibility criteria for a Canada student visa and for preparing for the same. We will make sure that all of the documents are in order and nothing is out of place.

If you do not fulfill the eligibility criteria for a student visa, you need to get better grades in your English proficiency exam. Apart from this, you can also talk to your education counselor and immigration consultant and ask about their new points. You can appeal to your university to consider that application once again if you have been rejected. Apart from this, there are not many chances that your Visa will get rejected.

Summing up

IRA will help you in making sure that your eligibility criteria for a Canada student visa are fulfilled and you get the Visa in the appropriate time frame. There will be no last-minute hassles if you come to us.

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