Document Checklist (IMM 5690) (PDF, 395.04KB) to assist you in gathering the necessary documentation

When you are preparing to apply for the permanent resident visa for Canada along with the application form there is one important thing that you have to focus on. Those are the documents that have to be submitted along with the PR visa application. It is always better that you have a Document Checklist for a Canada PR visa as many documents have to be submitted along with the PR visa application.

Some important documents that you just cannot miss when applying for the provincial nominee program:

  • When you are applying for the provincial nominee programs at that time different documents have to be submitted.
  • Express Entry candidates can also apply for the provincial nomination and they will also have to submit different documents.
  • The documents will include the educational qualification certificates, work experience papers, police verification certificate, medical certificate etc.
  • The applicant must make sure that he submits all the supporting documents that are requested by the visa authorities.
  • The IMM 5690 will surely help the candidate to collect all the required documents. Here one can find the Document Checklist for Canada Immigration. In this form, the applicant is asked about his employment history, etc and along with it supporting documents have to be submitted.

What happens if you miss out on submitting a few documents?

If you fail to submit some documents then your application will be considered incomplete and there will be a delay in processing the visa application. At times there are chances that the visa application will get rejected if the required documents are not submitted. Therefore one must ensure that he has collected all the required documents and must submit the same within the stipulated time.

Contact a good visa and immigration company to get the best assistance:

If you are not very sure about the Canada visa and immigration process and you do not know about the documents that have to be submitted then it is better that you take assistance from professional experts who have complete knowledge about the visa and immigration programmes.

When you approach the visa and immigration company they will study your profile and will check the visa category for which you are eligible. Next, they will explain the process that is to be completed and the documents that have to be submitted. In case the applicant is not eligible to apply for the visa then the expert will explain how he can increase his chances of qualifying for applying for a particular visa category.

Make sure that you choose only the best visa and immigration company:

You must choose a visa and immigration company that you can trust. Always opt for a company that has years of experience in this field and has been providing the best service. Choose a company that has a dedicated team of experts for Canada immigration. You must opt for IRA immigration which is known for its prolific service and has a dedicated team of experts for Canada immigration. IRA immigration has a very high success rate and is known to provide the best services. Their best Canada immigration consultants will tell you the information including the details about the Document Checklist for Canada PR visa. So choose IRA immigration if you want to apply for a Canada visa.

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