Canada Working Holiday Visa services

Canada Working Holiday Visa services

For those who want to work and travel in Canada there is a wonderful option. They can opt for the Canada Working Holiday Visa. This visa will allow the candidate to work and travel in Canada for 12 months. This programme is also known as the International Experience Canada. There is a fixed quota for every country. That is only a certain number of candidates from a particular country can get this visa.

Understanding the requirements of this unique visa:

The Canada Working Holiday Visa is definitely a very good option as it gives the dual advantage of working and travelling in Canada. Those who want to apply for this visa must have an age between 18 to 30 years. The applicant must not have any criminal records. The candidate may have to provide a character certificate. The visa issuing authorities will cross check in order to ascertain that the applicant has no criminal background. The person will also have to submit a medical certificate in order to prove that he or she is in the best of health. If the applicant aims to work in healthcare services or as a school teacher etc then submission of medical or health certificate is mandatory. It is also mandatory for the applicant to submit proof of funds. This is in order to convince the authorities that the applicant has enough funds to support himself during his stay in Canada. The candidate must return back to his home country before the visa expires. If the candidate fails to do this then he will have to face serious repercussions.

Contact IRA immigration for the information on this visa:

One of the easiest ways to know all the details about Canada Working Holiday Visa is by contacting IRA immigration. They have a team of experts who will be able to provide the best possible guidance. They will update you about all the formalities that need to be completed. They will also tell you about how you can procure the different documents that need to be submitted along with the visa. They will also provide all the details about how you can apply for the visa online and how you can view the status of your application. For all details about the different types of visas and immigration procedures IRA immigration in India is a trusted name. Just discuss your requirement with them and they will provide you all the required details about the formalities.

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