Canada Work Permit visa is the best option

If you are intending to spend a few years in Canada since you have got a job offer from an employer in Canada, but are not sure about settling down for good in this country then it is better that you apply for Canada Work Permit visa. Remember that this visa does not let you stay in Canada for unlimited period. It has an expiry date. During the validity period of the visa you can stay and work in Canada. You need to come back to your country before the expiry of the visa. This visa should not be confused with permanent residency visa. These are two different visa categories.

Here is why Canada work permit Visa is a better option:

Those people who do not intend to settle in Canada or are not sure if they want to straightaway apply for the permanent residency of the country can always opt for this work permit visa. The reason that Canada Work Permit visa is a better option is that it lets you stay and work in Canada though only for a temporary period. This helps the person understand about the country and its culture. This gives him a firsthand experience of staying in Canada and this can help him decide if he would like to permanently reside in this country.

As far as the formalities and the procedure is concerned, the applicant will have to submit a number of documents which includes an offer letter from the employer in Canada, positive labour market opinion, character and medical certificate, proof of funds etc. The applicant will also have to convince the visa issuing authorities that they will return back to their own country before the visa expires. It is also important that the applicant does not have any criminal records in his own country and must be able to convince the authorities that during his stay in Canada he will follow all the rules and regulations of the country and will abide by the law of Canada.

The Canada Work Permit visa is truly a very good option for the qualified people who wish to work in Canada for few years. In order to get complete details about the procedure it will be a good thing to approach immigration consultants who have complete knowledge about the procedure. One of the best immigration consultants for this purpose in Delhi is none other than IRA immigration.

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