Canada Work Permit Visa from India

Canada is a lovely country which offers a good quality of life. This should be one place where one must try and make a career. If you are the one who would like to work in Canada only for a few years, then you will have to apply for Canada Work Permit Visa from India.  A work permit visa is a good way of exploring the country. It is a good way to understand whether you will be comfortable staying in this country forever. At the same time it gives you the opportunity to work in a beautiful country though for a short time.

The requirements of the Canada temporary visa:

Before you apply for the Canada Work Permit Visa from India you need to understand the requirement. You will first have to get an offer letter from an employer in Canada. Besides the offer letter there will be a number of documents that you will have to submit. The most important among these documents is positive Labour Market Opinion which has been given Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. Besides this you will also have to prove to the Canadian authority that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Canada. You will also have to submit a character certificate and other supporting documents which will ensure the authorities that you will abide with the laws of the country during your stay in Canada.

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