Canada Work Permit visa for chartered accountant

For those with an accounting background like chartered accountants who aspire to work in Canada might wonder if they can qualify for the same. Well, there are possibilities of getting a job in Canada as they naturally have a large requirement for finance professionals. Some of you may have to upgrade their skills by taking up courses in Canada in order to understand the tax laws of the country. In order to work in Canada on a temporary basis you will have to apply for the Canada Work Permit visa.

Understanding the procedure for the visa:

For this visa it is mandatory to have an offer letter from a Canadian employer. Only then a person can qualify for the Canada Work Permit visa. Along with the offer letter there are other documents that need to be submitted. These include positive Labour market opinion, medical certificate, character certificate, proof of funds etc. The proof of funds is needed in order to convince the authorities that you can support yourself during your stay in Canada. You must also give them the assurance that you will come back to your home country before the visa expires. It should be noted that in some cases it is possible to get an extension.

What one CA’s need to understand here is that this is a temporary visa and it does not allow you to stay in Canada forever, but it does give you an opportunity to stay and work in this lovely country for few years. This visa has no connection with the point based system. However, if you are still confused and do not know how to go about, it then it is better that you approach a good immigration consultant. In Delhi one of the best immigration consultants for a Canada Work Permit visa is none other than IRA immigration. They have complete knowledge about the immigration procedures and will make sure that they explain all the details properly. They will also be able to guide you on other factors like how you can get the various documents like LMO etc. They have a dedicated team of expert consultants who will explain you all the finer nuances of the work permit visa. All the accountants who want to make a career in Canada must get in touch with IRA immigration in order to get all the details about applying for the work permit visa.

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