Canada Tourist Visa for Indian

Canada Tourist Visa for Indian

Have this fascination of visiting places outside India? Then there are a number of countries which you must consider. One thing is for sure most people will have Canada in this list. The climate, infrastructure, the pictorial locations makes Canada one of favourites for every Indian. Applying for a Canada Tourist Visa is pretty simple for an Indian who is residing in India provided he or she has the correct information.

The documentation requirements for Canada Tourist Visa:

As in the case of visas for other countries, one will need a valid Indian passport and other travel documents for getting a Canada Tourist Visa. For Delhi residents who want to travel to Canada you can approach IRA immigration in Janakpuri. This is the right place from where you will get not just details about the travel documents but also about health and moral certificate. There are other requirements like documents for proof of funds and support that need to be submitted along with the application. Also one must not forget to check with IRA about the proof of assets etc that may have to be submitted in order to convince the visa officer that the applicant will surely return back to India before the expiry of the visa.

Consult IRA and submit the Canada Tourist Visa application form:

There are two ways of submitting the application form. One is submitting it online and the second is submitting the application in person. Irrespective of the mode of submission of application, it will always be better if you hire a good immigration adviser and counsellor. If you happen to come across the testimonies of clients of IRA immigration you will realise that they have provided valuable advice to a number of people across India, especially those residing in and around Delhi. You will realise that since these applicants took the guidance of immigration consultants their Canada Tourist Visa procedure got completed easily. For smooth completion of visa procedures it is therefore a wise thing to hire the services of visa consultants of the calibre of IRA immigration. More and more Indians are today opting to fly to Canada not just for settling down but for short visits like holidays or attending important family events etc. Whatever the purpose of visit one has to get the tourist visa by applying for the same along with the proper documents. For simplifying the entire process it will be better if you can consult visa and immigration specialists-IRA immigration.

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