Canada tourist visa consultancy in Delhi

Canada tourist visa consultancy in Delhi

Every then and now, families and individual take a break from the hectic schedule and prefer to travel abroad. The culture variation, architecture variation and lifestyle variation are a few factors that make families plan a vacation abroad. Out of all the countries and continents, visiting Canada can be a wonderful option.

Canada Tourism

Visiting Canada with family or with friends or on a solo trip is a beautiful experience due to its ancient architecture, different kinds of adventure sports and scenic beauty. Tourism in Canada directly contributes to the country’s GDP by 1% and supports almost 309,000 jobs.

Canada tourist visa is a temporary visa that permits the candidate to travel to Canada for tourism and leisure purpose. Canada has always been one of the hot destinations for travelling purpose due to its incredible geographical variety. Country’s tourism is maximum in places like Toronto, Montreal, Canadian Rockies and Ottawa. Canada itself has 17 of the world heritage sites out of which 8 of them are cultural heritage and 9 are natural heritage.

Basic requirements for Canada tourist visa

Every country has a different set of requirements for visa, following are the requirements for Canada:
Valid passport and valid documents
Good Health
Good Moral character
The applicant should be able to convince the immigration officer that the visit to Canada is solely for tourism purpose. The applicant has no intention of being a permanent citizen of the country.
The applicant should have enough valid proofs that he/she would be returning to India due to family reasons, property or various other incentives.
The accommodation details should be disclosed before the immigration officer at the time of visa application.

Canada tourist visa consultancy in Delhi: IRA

Travelling out of the country requires a valid passport along with the visa of the country. To solve the issue and hassle of visa, IRA provides the services of Canada tourist visa consultancy in Delhi and neighbouring cities. IRA immigration provides global immigration consultancy services for temporary and permanent visa applicants.
There are various teams made for specific country and specific visa requirements. The members of the team have sound knowledge about the visa application and documentation. The team makes sure that the applicant faces no hurdle and the visa is not rejected.
If you wish to travel to Canada without having a bad experience of visa application, IRA is the thing for you.

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