Canada PR Visa Processing time

Canada PR Visa Processing time

If you check with some of the leading immigration consultants like IRA immigration you will realise that Canada is one country which number of Indians are interested in visiting and working. For those who want to settle down in this country which has one of the best living conditions then they need to get a Canada PR Visa. This is the only way in which you can enter and stay in Canada for a long time and also seek employment. This is also a pathway for applying for the citizenship of the country.

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Now applying for a visa for permanent residency will obviously have its own set of procedures. It is important to have a fair idea about everything. This is one of the reasons that many people prefer to consult immigration experts like IRA immigration in Delhi in order to determine the exact details like procedure, Canada PR Visa Processing time etc. One has to be prepared for the lengthy procedure in order to get a visa which gives you a large number of benefits like working, studying and travelling anywhere in Canada, several healthcare and social benefits, protection by Canadian Law etc.

When you seek the advice of IRA immigration , then they will help you select the correct visa category and will help you understand the requirements of the different visa categories. If one has to opt for Skilled immigrants visa category which is a point based system, then IRA will help you understand the procedure for scoring points so that your chances of getting the visa get better. Those who get selected will receive an invitation to apply for the visa and the submission of all the documents has to be done within 60 days of getting the invitation. Once all the correct documents are submitted and approved and all the post invite formalities are completed one has to wait for the visa. It should be noted that Canada PR Visa Processing time can be up-to 6 months. The wait may seem to be long but then keep in mind that this is one of the best countries to live and so the numbers of applications are definitely going to be huge. For all the correct details approach IRA immigration. They will make sure that they give you proper guidance so that the chances of your application to get rejected are less.

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