Canada PR Visa from India

Canada PR Visa from India

Canada has given some really wonderful benefits to its permanent residents. No wonder that a lot of people in India apply for Canada PR Visa from India. Obviously anyone will like to be a part of a country which has wonderful infrastructure, good opportunity to grow in career and fantastic quality of life. If you too are one who has always wanted to move to Canada and become a permanent resident there then you must opt for the PR visa for Canada. While applying what you must remember is that you need to complete a string of formalities if you want to realize your Canadian dream.

Formalities for applying for the PR visa of Canada:

If you want to apply for the Canada PR Visa from India then the first thing that you must remember is that they have a number of different visa categories. So the first step is to select the correct visa category. You must also keep in mind that each visa category has their own formalities that you must complete. In some cases you will have to go through the point based system and try and earn more points whereas in some cases you will have to submit language test scores. There are some categories where you are expected to submit medical and character certificate. So as you can see each category of visa have their specific requirement.

In order to avoid any kind of confusion the first thing that you need to do is opt for a visa and immigration consultant who can give you the correct details about Canada PR Visa from India. In Delhi IRA immigration is considered as one of the best immigration consultants. They have been providing consultancy from past several years. The best part about these consultants is that they have a team of well trained professional consultants who are well versed with all the requirements for a PR visa of countries like Canada. They will provide complete guidance right from selection of visa category to submission of documents. A large number of people have managed to get PR visa due to the guidance and efforts put in by IRA immigration. So if you are living in and around Delhi then make sure that you visit the office of IRA immigration in order to understand the visa formalities. They are undoubtedly the best visa and immigration experts in the whole of Delhi.

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